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Fellowship Perks Tab



Dear Humans and Elves
We are currently adding some new and exciting features to the game!
When they are fully completed, the will make up our Fellowship Progression feature.
As always Beta gets to experience these changes ahead of our live servers, as we appreciate that due to the nature of this being our test server, it also holds our veteran players and invaluable feedback that this experience holds.
Currently only some new features will show up in the game over the next few days. This is due to requiring several updates to implement everything, due to the complexity of the changes being made to bring forward this feature. We do however expect that by the end of September we should have released it fully.
So what does that actually mean for us? It means that by the Fellowship completing things like Neighborly Help, The Spire of Eternity and Tournaments, this will grant a new additional resource in the game: Experience Points.
By earning Experience Points as a Fellowship, it will allow Perks to be chosen which will in turn benefit the whole Fellowship even more!
To ensure this brand new feature maintains fairness in the game, we have also implemented measures to prevent exploitations.
New Fellows will experience a brief cooldown before being able to participate in the Fellowship's activities due to this.
We would love to have your valuable feedback on these changes as you see them in game. Please use our dedicated discussion thread to share your thoughts on this new additional to Elvenar!
kind regards
Your Elvenar Team

See below for the three Help screens that open when you click the yellow '?' at top right.

Here is a discussion thread in Beta:




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@Jackluyt : Just so that you know, your Facebook images are either set to expire very fast (not even sure if you can control that on FB?), or they're just not visible via the link method you're using. By way of example, here's how your most recent post, above, appears to me (as do the others before it):


... and here's what I see if I try to load the missing image in a new tab:


In case you're wondering, I'm a member of Platinum Leaf and I'm also currently logged into Facebook, so it can't be related to anything like that. Of course, this isn't a complaint - it's just for your info :)