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Fellowship merger sought


To Archmages,

My fellowship is suffering from quitters and inactives and needs a shot in the arm.
We are a friendly fellowship who support other active members regualrly, but do NOT appreciate
being bullied and threatened that we "have to visit every day or be booted out".

If your fellowship is friendly, has at least 10 active players, would like some new blood
to replace the inactives, and is willing to MERGE two fellowships to make a larger better one,
send a short description of your fellowship for out members to decide which one suits us best!

If your top players buy diamonds and are obsessive, you are not for us thanks.
If your players moan about not getting 100% help every single day, you are not for us thanks.

Do not post here, send INGAME PRIVATE MAIL to..
Archmage of Cranky Ponies.


Well I got only 2 offers - one from a confused guy who changed his mind two days later and one from a FS which thought that "merging" meant we just roll over and die and they take all our members but make not even a name change to acknowledge our sacrifice!!?!?! - HAHAHA good luck with that - a MERGER is an EQUAL partnership deal.

There is also a startling lack of activity on these forums so obv. not enough ppl read them to be worth advertising here.

However if yo do find this by accident and want to boost your FS with a MERGER, contact me on ingame private mail.


Well it took a while to stave off chumps who just wanted a bunch of free new members with no concessions, but yes, we did find a genuine FS which was leaking members and in danger of dying off, we merged, and are now 100% active (a major rarity in a 'fun' fellowship).

So it pays to advertise, and also to be patient about replies.