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Fellowship merge?



We are looking for a small group of players that might want to join us.

Our fellowship has a great group of core players and we don’t usually have vacancies, but recently, some members left due to real-life issues. We are active in our cities but are not an overly chatty bunch. Our members are keen to help fellow members grow.

Every week we do 10 chests in the tournament and if you participate we ask that players over 100k do 2000+ points and players under 100k do much as they can without minimum requirements.

On the 3rd week of the month, we make a fellowship spire run for gold (top of the tower).

Fellowship adventures (Event):
We usually score in the top 20 with our best results placing 10.

*KP Threads for ancient wonders
*Birthday Club
*KP perks donation list

Send me a message in the game if you're interested.
Aneki - Spirit of the Phoenix
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