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Fellowship Bank

Badger Guardian

Hi everyone
This may have been raised before but in my fellowship it has been commented that it would be a great idea to have a Fellowship Bank. This could be used to place items to be distributed amongst players who are struggling. It could also be used for KP to give as rewards for exceptional work by individuals in tournaments/FA etc. I reali it may not work in all Fellowships as some have everyone at Mage level but it would if there were only a few Mages and the distribution would be at Mage/Archmage level otherwise it could be a free for all and some players might just take without giving. Alternatively it could be made the responsibility of named players.
i await your comments please :)


Yes this has been raised before, in various shades and variants, but it is nevertheless something I find a great idea, no matter which way it is done in the end. A simple item swap or trader would be nice.
Similar features exist in other games and I find them to be a great feature there. I see no reason why it would be different in elvenar.

Although the item swap would be nice I find other ideas even more interesting: For example FS goods storage for goods that can either be redistributed to players (basically same as the item swap, just for goods) or more interestingly would be used to build special FS bonus features.

My favorite would be a further development of that idea: have been a place where we can throw all our surplus resources like spell fragments, rune shards etc, but also just regular gold/supplies/goods/sentients and whatever else we have too much of. With those resources we could purchase a special FS resource, which the FS can then use to build new things, like FS buildings/technologies that then benefit all the fellows.

My own rather primitive idea was a paper tower :D Throw spell fragments into a brick machine, you place the finished brick on the FS square (new tab on the FS menu?), all fellows together build a tower from the bricks and the FS with the highest tower wins a coin instant or some nonsense ;) Just a little fun activity to get rid of something many people have too much of, without making it "obligatory" for those that don´t have extra resources.

Badger Guardian

Thanks Gargon667. There is a specific reason for my post. The fellowship I’m in gives KP rewards at the end of tournaments. A very clever member has devised a system that doesn’t just use the leaderboard created in the tournament but takes into account the size of the city, chapter and points scored of each individual in the tournament and thus creates a level playing field for all. Unfortunately the only way the leaders ( AM & Mages) can help is by giving to the creator KPs in his AWs. If we had a Bank (or something similar) where we could place KPs it would be most useful.


Yes we run a bonus system each week in Winyandor giving KP too.. with a weighted system based on chapter we also include the spire results.... it would certainly be nice to include other items that some members have in excess and others none