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Fellowship Adventures


A new round of Fellowship Adventures has been announced on Beta for April 4th (as @Herodite has mentioned).

Her's the full announcement from Discord.

From April 4th to April 10th we will start a new round of Fellowship Adventures, so get your Fellowships together and grab some nice rewards! There'll be new rewards:

Map 1​

  • Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points 15
  • Carting Library
  • Time Booster 10m (x10)

Map 2​

  • Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points 20 (x2)
  • Tome of Sorcerer's Wisdom*
  • Time Booster 30m (x15)

Map 3​

  • Ferris Wheel Galore
  • Sorcerer Trials Artifact
  • Time Booster 45m (x25)

Contents of Tome of Sorcerer's Wisdom:​

  • Pilgrim's Manor Set pieces (7 pieces)
  • Royal Restoration (x8)
This round of the Fellowship Adventures ends on April 10th.

(for some reason I couldn't find a general thread for FA feedback here on the forum so I've started this one but If there is another one @Herodite feel free to move this message there and close this one).
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I've decided not to participate in any more FA. The rewards just aren't worth the stress. I'm hoping the other members of my FS feel the same way so I don't feel guilty for not helping.


Ive decided my group wont be doing the FA...the effort involved for piddling prizes is already an old grouse. The amount of arcane badges required which necessitates people using their valuable spell frags to make, is just not feasible. Some will no doubt still throw badges in but it wont be coordinated and they are on their own. Till such time as Inno revise the FA to make it more workable with our new circumstances its a big no from me.


Master of the Elements
The thing about FA is that it is all by players' own design. It was never in the rule book that players must score 150k points. For some teams to continue to push the boundaries is great for the devs because their goal is to whittle down everyone's resources so that they must buy diamonds, but people must play the situation. Spell fragments are at a premium so don't cripple cities trying to make Arcane Residues. The problem is people's inate need to compete.


Unless I used bad words :eek:
I can't recall ever considering your words 'bad' @Jake65. :)

However the thought police and MiniTrue are pervasive. George Orwell's book was a prophecy or warning, now threatening to become a reality.


The Ministry of Truth, like the other three ministries, has an ironic name. It purports to be focused on the pursuit of truth when in fact, the ministry is concerned with erasing the truth of the past and present and replacing it with whatever the Party deems “correct.” Those in charge of the ministry decide what “truth” is.

The ministry is also responsible for the language of the Party, Newspeak. This new language whittles down traditional English, one word at a time. It is the Party’s intention that language becomes so minimal that no one is capable of thinking anything other than what the Party wants them to. This would mean that betraying the Party or thinking independent thoughts is going to be impossible.