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[Feedback] Magic Academy Improvements


There are quite a few threads on this MA topic. In a nutshell, I would say again in this forum JUST SO the idea is somehow captured :rolleyes:

The current magic spells are too weak, affecting only 1 building at a time. And at a premium cost of your relics, no doubt that you may not be using them but premium still, given the short duration.

No point in building the MA at all at this point of time
I would say letting the spells be casted at fellowship level.

But the spell should be more durable say 7 days. This would get the fellowship to communicate more on how they should go about bringing the fellowship to the next level.
For starters, I think the developers should explain their idea on how the MA actually be useful. Apart from being a white elephant that consumes relics while providing tiny temporary perks, there truly is nothing interesting about the MA.

I would say let the MA generate spells automatically at a lower level, to get a more stronger spell to be generated some relics need to be added to enhance it. Not keep inserting to get a lousy spell

That way, you can keep getting the boosts intended andat the same time encourage some battles. even thought the battle system is still not so good to work with erroneous turn table, almost always lower quarter damage done by player units while the AI almost certainly does near max damage at every hit.