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[Feedback] Magic Academy Improvements

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
Dear Humans and Elves,

Thank you for all your great feedback on the Magic Academy so far! It has been passed on to our development team. We would love to hear from you as to how we can improve the Magic Academy to make it more worthwhile to you to build. Of course a big part of that will be ideas for new Spells, and so there is a separate thread for this.

You can find the [Collection Thread] Spells Ideas over in our Ideas Section. Please leave any suggestions for new Spells there. This thread is for suggestions for other ways to improve the Magic Academy.

We're looking forward to your feedback, which will be passed to our development team for consideration.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


1) Make it SMALLER! I can't stress this enough! One whole expansion for a building with limited uses is way too much! Especially in the early parts of the game, when the Academy is unlocked.
2) Allow us to delete the Academy. There are times when free space is more valuable than any spell. Allowing people to free the space taken by the Academy will make people a lot less hesitant to build it.

P.S.: People have been complaining about the Academy ever since it was first introduced. You guys really should have asked for such feedback before making the related research mandatory.


Why is it that everybody is upset about the Magic Academy, when the Trader is very nearly the same size?
The Trader is NOTHING other than a secondary menu click. It has no functionality whatever.


Why is it that everybody is upset about the Magic Academy, when the Trader is very nearly the same size?
I have to disagree here. The Elven trader is 3x4 =12 tiles, the Human trader is 4x4 = 16 tiles, and the Magic Academy takes up 25 tiles. There's a significant difference.

The Trader is NOTHING other than a secondary menu click. It has no functionality whatever.
True. However, the benefit of being able to trade (which is what the trader enables), is worth the 12 or even 16 tiles we "waste" on it. It's a permanent feature, allowing us to swap boosted goods for non-boosted ones without losing out. In fact, the higher the amount you trade boosted goods for non-boosted ones (at a fair ratio) - the more you actually gain from "wasting" those 12 or 16 tiles. The Magic Academy's sole purpose is to produce spells that temporarily give us an advantage/any benefits. With the release of the new tournament feature, producing spells should (thankfully) no longer be capped. The spells themselves currently don't justify for every player to require it though. Some simply continue to benefit without it.

The real problem is, that there's a need for the trader. There is no need for the Magic Academy, it just has the potential to be useful.


Please remove this from the game as it is hurting the Fellowships I am in on both servers.
No one wants it, it is a pathetic weak addition to the game and is a blatant cash cow.

You have not received one positive message about the Academy. I have not heard one good thing about the Academy in game. You need to forget about it. No one wants it in any shape or form.

I want the quest removed from my quest list and my KP's returned to be for something useful.

The whole point of playing a strategy game is the planning involved and if you're going to keep throwing things like this at us then please let me know now so I can stop wasting my time.
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We've already made dozens of great suggestions. I doubt the devs will change the size or rework the system entirely so let's be realistic.
  • Make some permanent spells. 1% bonus to supplies which can be put on every workshop, 1% bonus to goods on every manufactory, 1% to gold on every residential, 1% to culture on every decoration. Allow these permanent bonuses to stack up to 5 or 10 times. This would allow people to gain permanent, albeit small bonuses from spells. In the end, this would only give a total bonus of 5-10 percent, would take a long time to accomplish but would be a worthwhile goal to attempt to achieve over a long period of time.
  • Make global spells which have an effect on every workshop, manufactory, residence or culture building and stack multiplicatively with other bonuses (like relics) instead of additively. Make these spells last a long time to make them attractive. If players can effectively buff every building, they will. Example would be 5% bonus to all workshops for 96 hours, taking 12-24 hours to create. A similar spell for residences/culture/manufactory would allow us to use all 4 of them at a time and keep our academy running at all times to produce them.
  • Make some flashy combat spells. I don't really participate in the combat, but I can imagine those that do would appreciate some awesome fireballs, lightning bolts and blizzards. These spells need to be incredibly powerful and/or have multiple uses if they're going to cost relics. If it costs a relic to gain another relic back, they won't be worth building.
  • Make a scout-based spell. Reduce the return time, give us a "phantom" scout which takes twice as long to scout but allows us to scout two provinces at once. Something like this would make a lot of people happy.
  • Keep the current spells, but make them MUCH stronger and allow them to stack multiplicatively with other bonuses such as global spells and relics.


Why is it that everybody is upset about the Magic Academy, when the Trader is very nearly the same size?
The Trader is NOTHING other than a secondary menu click. It has no functionality whatever.
We accepted the Trader when we started to play. It wasn't forced upon us after months of invested time in the game.

The trader doesn't have quests and spells associated with it, which are also going to be mandatory.

We've already made dozens of great suggestions. I doubt the devs will change the size or rework the system entirely so let's be realistic.
Sorry, I disagree. This is a building strategy game, not Hogwarts.

The Academy and everything associated with it needs to go, completely, for good.


My messages are getting changed by moderators.

I guess it will come down to shareholders and a spreadsheet. When they see how many players are quitting and the revenue starts to drop, then they might take some notice. I am wondering who the shareholders are and how difficult it will be to find out.
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Personally I don't want to build the magic academy. 1 - The space in the town is rare and we have to make choice and I don't want to lose 5x5 of space for a building I can't remove if I need space. 2 - The "bonus" are not enough interesting and 3 - I don't want to be forced to built a magic academy, because if in my style of play is not necessary it's a waste of knowledge points, money' resources and SPACE . The good move to do is to make it removable, so gamer cant chose to built it or not.


Why, why, why is this being forced on us :( It is a complete waste of space, kp and the spells dont seem to be useful once you're at a certain level. I have enough workshops and residences to give me the supplies and coins I need and my fellowship works well to give traded goods. I see no benefit at all to having this as a mandatory storyline.

Please make it optional and to be able to delete it!


I must be honest, I very rarely use the spells I have created in the magic academy. I produce spells when there is a slot to produce them, but they seem to be storing up. I think if the spells took less time to make and had a bigger impact on the game it would be a building worth having. Currently I am progressing fine without using it - think of what I could use that space for! It has potential but needs to be better defined what that potential is.

I also don't quite understand why we need diamonds to upgrade it past level 2?

Lady Woodland

I currently work at an organisation in RL that has done some pretty underhanded things lately, nasty surprises you have no choice to comply with.

Elvenar is our escape, we choose to come here to unwind. There was a big fanfare announcing the arrival of the fairies, lots to look forward to especially for those with full or nearly full grids, but this seems to have been dropped in as an afterthought, who are you trying to please? is the boss's kid working for you and it's his brilliant idea to do this? I most object to the WAY it was done, no notifications till after it was implemented.
"Surprise!! don't worry you'll get used to it, it'll be great trust us".

Can you at least make it smaller or slot in an extra expansion along with the spells, so we have room for the bloody thing. While you're at it make it upgradeable like all the other working buildings, Simply put allow us to get used to the idea.

Lady Woodland

another rant.

I am currently stuck on a mandatory quest (going on a week now) I have to unlock my advanced elixir production but you greyed it out just as I had finished my MD and HALFWAY though unlocking it, I then I had to go spend my KP on the MA and now spells, that's really unfair. till I clear that I'm stuck I need the next expansion desperately and feel like giving in right now.


Hi Amy,

I believe one of the good intention of creating the magic academy was to have a way to expend those "redundant" non-boosted relics that does not serve any purpose to our city's economy. I can also agree the demand of such expendable relics could also help encourage hermits to start exploring new territories and create a new dynamics to the entire game play.

However I don't think it makes any more sense if we are required to sacrifice any of our boosted relics (permanent increase to production) in exchange for a building that gives temporal boosts; I hope this stops at Building the Academy, and that we are not "FORCED" (through mandatory quests) to upgrade the academy using boosted relics (I understand the current upgrades do not require relics at the moment; just want to bring this up since I don't see any upgrade requirements charted out on Elvenar Wiki for the time being)

If we can be given the affirmation that boosted relics will be left untouched, I think our folks will be more willing to accept this new resource ecosystem.

Spell options, spell production time, building size, permanent building or not... These are regular feedback from so many players because they don't see sufficient benefit returns from the resources (most importantly - TIME) put in to get those spells.

Lower level cities will benefit the least if they start invoking these spells, compared to more advanced cities using the same relic.
For example, 50% production boost to a building that produces 40 units per production vs the same 50% production boost for a building that produces 400 units
Can there be an tiered cost - benefit approach to help the smaller cities gain better boosts our of those hard earned spells?
The boost tiers can probably be measured by the city's population, culture, total production capabilities etc, similar to how cities are required to get more culture to enjoy the same boosts as their city grows.
You can then exercise the law of diminishing returns to encourage our folks to upgrade the academy as their city grows.

As an advanced city, 5x5 space, depleting non-boosted relics, production boosts; these are relatively small issues to iron out.
However for the smaller cities, this is a huge pain point. So if there something that can be done to serve the majority of lower tiered cities, I think it would be starting with smaller sized academies and allowing it to be upgraded it to a larger building progressively.

Thank you for taking in our feedback; I believe the Elvenar team has certainly been trying very hard to keep things fresh and interesting, we hope the academy doesn't ruin all the good work done =)

Warmest Regards,


I get more benefit out of the quests. I can scroll thru them and make a few 100k in coins and 70k in supplies every 3h by doing that. MA will not give me that benefit and I don't need to make more supplies or goods. All my manu's are at +400%, don't need to boost them. If you run a 2d production cycle and put the spell on, you get less goods than by running normal production of 4 x 3h and 1 x 9h production. Also to big for its purpose and have not use any of the free spells given in the chests.
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Disappointed to find the quest to build the academy is still active this morning.

When are you going to remove it? Or do you really think it's right to force us to play this way?

If I build it, will you let met delete it?
I was reaching the end of evolving -just about to unlock my scrolls boost ..... when all of a sudden everything is greyed out and I'm sent back to the magic academy, I had already done the research but had not activated due to a timely warning from a fellowship member about it's known issues, as space is at a premium and resources I didn't activate it, so yesterday I gritted my teeth and activated it :(- thinking that would be the end of it - it released my research and I carried on merrily. Then I completed a quest......

Then it appeared a quest to build it ...but no decline button!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad:So now no benefit from quests unless this thing is built on my newly acquired city expansion, I feel coerced and manipulated, I was enjoying this game, it's taken the shine off it, maybe I will give up now - like a few other people :(
At least with diamonds - you make a choice to buy- you can play without and we all know the income has to come from somewhere.. but this is pointless, in fact anyone from the UK will know this would be a huge score on pointless- which defeats the object of that game-

Imaginary scenario

which item do most players hate on Elevar?

Top score 90% - the magic academy
:(Epic Fail

so please , please, please, please nicely :either make it really worth having (ideas above in lots of posts)

or get Voldemort to make it disappear in a puff of smoke! ;)