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InnoGames TV [Feedback] February Episode

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amy Steele, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Amy Steele

    Amy Steele
    Ex-Team Member

    Apr 23, 2015
    Dear Elves and Humans,

    Please leave your feedback about the Inn blue18.png Games TV February episode here! As always, we look forward to hearing your views :)
  2. Valerius

    Valerius Guest


    The spells look like an interesting addition to the game. Looking forward to building that academy - it'll look lovely in my non-militarised city. ;) It's also nice to know my non-boosting relics will have some use now. However, with the trade-off that spells cannot (currently) be produced to infinity. Thus a bit of thought needs to go into which spells to produce and how many. Expecting that to change with the other feature previewed in last year's episode though.

    The spell to boost goods production looks very appealing: +50% for a duration of two days - that's pretty good in my opinion. Wonder whether these effects will increase the higher you level the academy? Oliver did mention the short term boosts might become more useful as we progress - which truly explains heaps! Thanks Oliver. :p

    Can't wait for the next episode now... And the spells of course. Can we have the spells before the next video perhaps? Unless you need more than a month to implement them. :D
  3. kerykeion

    kerykeion Spellcaster

    Jul 27, 2015
    What a disappointment. The academy is too large, the bonuses from spells don't make up for the fact that we are using relics which will be needed for future ancient wonders. This is what we've been waiting for all these months? We're still not getting a system to promote active gameplay.

    Seems the devs are out of touch with what the players really want.
  4. quicksilver

    quicksilver Spellcaster

    Aug 13, 2015
    For those of us who have been waiting for weeks for something new to do, this spell thing doesn't look all that interesting.

    When will the new guest race appear? Or that neighbour cooperation feature?

    While we wait for interesting new content, can you at least make some gesture like halving scouting times on the world map?
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  5. TheOzzin

    TheOzzin Seeker

    Sep 28, 2015
    Another useless feature.. 1 spell takes at least several hours to make and only affect single building.
    Most of us got tons of goods, supplies can be received easily by doing quests and culture boost doesn't help you much, so what is the purpose of this?
    They had opportunity to make something new, which uses non-boosted relics in some useful way, but they did it without any imagination.

    We got nothing to do after finishing tech tree and their priority is to give you something like that...
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  6. Slotharingia

    Slotharingia Scholar

    Oct 5, 2015
    While this looks like fun, the fun will not last long as relics are currently too difficult to obtain. Imo it would have made more sense to require the relics to permanently increase productions, with each level needing a greater number of them, and the magic academy providing 3 different upgrade options depending upon what you want to boost. I also won't have room for the building in any city unless I buy expansions.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
  7. Vergs

    Vergs Spellcaster

    Aug 29, 2015
    Wow , that negativity... I wonder why you even play this game, if it is so bad.

    Very nice addition. Looking forward to build the academy and try out the spells.
    Keep up the good work Elvenar Team. Any new feature is welcome ;)
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2016
  8. kerykeion

    kerykeion Spellcaster

    Jul 27, 2015
    People are negative because they've invested time, effort and money into this game and expect new content. We have waited four months for a very minor update, and as most players have explained the feature is completely worthless to many of us. It is frustrating to wait so long for something you will not even make use of.

    Trust me, a lot of people are wondering why they even play this game. A lot of them have decided to stop entirely.
  9. Slotharingia

    Slotharingia Scholar

    Oct 5, 2015
    I have to say that while it can be annoying when players seem to complain a lot, when feedback is asked for, people will say what they think even if it's negative. I might be missing something of course, but I cannot at the moment see the point in this new feature, since as I already stated, relics are hard to come by, so unless Valerius is right, people will either not use it or be out of relics very soon and hence unable to use it.
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  10. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg Alchemist

    Sep 25, 2015
    Spells sound like another failure.
    Ancient wonders was a failure, in my opinion as well as many other people.
    Shall we try 3 for 3.

    Extremely bored.
    Give us a new tech tree. Tired of references to the TV episodes.
    Lot of talk for the past months, take some action and give us something actually productive to do.
  11. Aider

    Ex-Team Member

    Dec 24, 2015
    Hi guys -

    You are very right, those of you that commented regarding asking for feedback. We do encourage and appreciate all of our players that give feedback relevant to their player style. There are some players that will appreciate the feature and there will be some that do not. The idea of the feedback threads is to encourage those players that do not like the feature to voice their opinions on why they dislike it. This will allow the community management team to submit your dislikes to the developers, aiming to make the feature more plausible.

    Thank you to those that have given your feedback, we do appreciate it!
  12. Valerius

    Valerius Guest

    Personally I'm slightly surprised no one has even mentioned the inventory we're getting along with this feature. That should allow for not only the KP packages many of us have voiced need to be made available, but also buildings as rewards through quests or in-game events, and of course many other (nearly endless) possibilities. While I do like this feature of spells, as made clear through my previous post, I do agree that the order these features are going to be released isn't the most optimal/not at all what I expected. Of course, that is assuming the order these features will be implemented is in the same order they are being explained to us.

    Who knows? Maybe the next chapter is the first feature to get released and they just didn't want to spoil the surprise? :D
  13. Vergs

    Vergs Spellcaster

    Aug 29, 2015
    I don't think the Spells feature will be a failure. I see a potential to it. However, you will have to be careful when and where you use it. As it was mentioned before, you will probably run out of the runes quite quickly, if you are going to enchant your buildings on a daily basis. But if you use spells on special occasions, they might be quite beneficial (hopefully, the bonus numbers will be high enough).
    For example, when you start Dwarven chapter there are many techs, which require a lot of supplies. It should be a good idea to enchant your workshops to compensate the sudden demand of supplies.
    Another example, my scroll manufactories are level 12 and I'm short on crafted goods. I can't upgrade scrolls as I have other priorities: workshops and residences (just entered the dwarven era). With the spells feature, I could boost my scrolls production until I'm done with residences and workshops. Same with culture spell - use it while your builders are busy with other tasks and can't afford to build a new culture building at that particular moment. Or you might need some culture bonus as you are replacing your old culture buildings with the new ones.
    I bet you guys could think of many other examples where using spells might be beneficial. However, I don't want to speculate too much before the the feature is out.
  14. Slotharingia

    Slotharingia Scholar

    Oct 5, 2015
    Maybe because it's only mentioned in passing and people, if they notice it at all, assume it's another tab at the bottom like the one for trader or the ancient wonders :D I had to re-watch it to know what you meant. Then again I hate videos and always do something else and just listen mostly so I'm maybe not such a good example :p
  15. Valerius

    Valerius Guest

    True. It's not the most eagerly anticipated feature, as it's 'just' an inventory. That said, it's almost worthy to point out that this kind of feature should have been there before the implementation of the Ancient Wonders (in my opinion) along with KP packages of some sort. An inventory isn't something to keep us busy with though - it's just an essential function to allow for stuff that could keep us busy in the (near?) future. Imagine being able to obtain building boosts through quests (or even neighbourly help?) and using them when you want to instead of being forced to use it on your next build or upgrade? Oh, right... someone proposed that idea already. Equivalent to the use of spells, now we will have a feature (the inventory) that can allow for a lot more content to the game with relative ease. Admittedly most of this won't be interesting for the endgame players.

    Then again, how can you design a game to please the players at the endgame when you've made it quite clear that you're still developing the entirety of the game (not just the current end of it)? Oh, right: By releasing the next chapter first. Got it. What if they're not finished yet though? :eek:
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  16. DecimusAura

    DecimusAura Adventurer

    Dec 1, 2015
    Given that relics are relatively hard to obtain in the long run, it is pretty clear to me that relics should be used to add permanent bonus to the city not temporary ones. Hence, in my personal opinion, using relics for AW is a good idea while that of spells is a bad one. I, for one would not be using relics for a temporary bonus. If one checks the costs vs benefits in the long run, it would not be a good idea to use it for spells. The suggestions mentioned by other players in this thread are very nice like important upgrade of buildings and fellowship bundling.
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  17. varron

    varron Novice

    Feb 10, 2016
    The relics used to make spells are the non-boosted type. They currently have no other use.
    The building of the Academy does have a one time cost of 4 boosted relics of from each tier currently.

    The other relics that you are not able to use for your boost pay for spells.
    So it is essentially zero costs after the initial build, unless unboosted relics become valuable in some way in the future.

    I understand the anticipation for the release of the next chapter and guest race. Personally I find the the idea of fighting and tournaments far more tantalizing. A new chapter and new race gives us pretty new buildings and city building possibilities but that's really a rehash of exactly what we've been doing. It's stamp collecting.
    Partner/province fighting has the potential to reshape the game, which I welcome. My cities on the US server have steadily moved up, but when I look out ahead of me , I see cities bloated with excess production, because the vast majority of points come from population+culture and just a bit from province fighting.

    It's really hard to say what the value of the AW's or Academy will be until the fighting is released and analyzed and its place in overall game play assessed. The techs released so far don't make much sense in our current schema. That makes me think big change is coming or the devs have lost their flipping minds. I hope its the former because I do enjoy this game.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
  18. Valerius

    Valerius Guest

    Fully agree with @DecimusAura. For as long as relics are limited (they don't just become harder to obtain, you'll eventually not be able to cover the scouting costs to acquire more until the next chapter is released), I don't see that much value in these spells. They are very useful, but only under circumstance and can very quickly feel like you've just wasted them. They're a bit like winning diamonds as a free-to-play player. You rather spend them on something that lasts and not to advance a tech cause you're short 1 KP or 20 goods at the time.... Mind you, it's fine to do that. I just find that's being extremely impatient, as such limited resources can be put to far better use.

    That said, relics will be a (possible) reward from the new feature to be released regarding the world map and some sort of competition. With the release of these spells now (on beta it's already implemented), more advanced players can start using up their relics and build up a nice stock of spells to use in the future. Keep in mind that the spells don't cost that many relics and an average player who has completed around 50-70 provinces (one ring at a time) could keep their academy running 1-2 months on continuous production before they would run low on non-boosted relics. By that time, I'd expect the other feature to be released and relics no longer to be limited or even hard to come by. Especially for active players.

    Of course, this is all just speculation. :rolleyes:

    Which is why I do have one thing I'd like to direct towards the developers:

    Maintain a more direct communication with the community on the development of Elvenar.

    Yes, that's right. Open up the books, create a blog, make a YouTube Channel dedicated to just Elvenar, or whatever you feel like that isn't a social media site like Facebook because it's a violation against my right of keeping my personal identity my own (should I wish to post there). Give us an idea of where this game is headed, what features are going to be released, or are in planning, not before they are about to get implemented, but long before that. The Dec Episode was a step in the right direction, but this one video about spells was a small step back again. I hate to nag at this game because it has tremendous potential in my opinion, and you've been doing a good job so far. It could just be that much better if we knew what to expect in the long run.

    Most of us know the game is still under heavy development, and you want to use that to make the game (partially) based on our views and what we'd like. It'd be great if we could learn your views too. (It's starting to become a bit of a stretch to keep referring to the Live Q&A session from a good half a year ago now...)

    Kind regards,
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  19. Slotharingia

    Slotharingia Scholar

    Oct 5, 2015
    You need both boosted and non boosted relics to upgrade and build ancient wonders.

    I for one don't fancy risking spending all my relics in the hope of possibly being able to get more, more easily in future. In fact, I most likely won't build this thing at all due to space restrictions :D
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  20. Valerius

    Valerius Guest

    That is precisely why I believe it's high time the developers give us a clear idea of where Elvenar is headed. Prior to the release of the Ancient Wonders, people completed as many provinces as they could in order to gain expansions and relic boosts. That was indeed a valid strategy at the time. With the implementation of Ancient Wonders however, the advantages these players had gained proved to put them at a slight loss. I continue to uphold the argument that we all need to expect changes in this game that may very well have a heavy impact on previous strategies and game-play in general. That said, the devs know what and (roughly at least) when these changes are to be expected. It would be great for us players to have an equally rough idea so we don't make mistakes that we'll regret later, possibly to the point of quitting the game.

    Not that I plan on quitting mind you. There are many that have due to lack of communication from one side or another though. At the very least - more (detailed) communication would likely improve the reception of new features.

    Simple things like whether or not we can expect the next chapter very soon or a bit further down the road, just a hint in the video for example. Maybe there's a delay? Can we expect relics to become available through other means than encounters in the future? It's no good keeping us in the dark... Even if some of us do like surprises.

    Communication is key. That's the case for almost anything in life really...
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