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InnoGames TV [Feedback] December Episode


Looks like great features. I like the games where developers keep adding new things (and Elvenar seems to be one of them). This makes the gaming experience more exciting.

I also would like to make my guesses:
1. The upcoming race - Faeries
2. Relic forging into spells - Players will be able to increase production rates of certain buildings (workshop in the video)
3. Provinces - Players will be able to help each other to fight encounters. Merge the troops or smth...

Any other guesses what the new features are going to be?

Thanks Amy for sharing the episode. I'm always looking forward to these :)


Ah! If only we could have seen a little more in that crystal ball eh? :D All will be revealed in the weeks and months to come. Suffice to say that whether Elf or Human, 2016 is looking to be a great year for Elvenar ;)


It does look like fairies or pixies will be the next guest race. Hopefully with nicer looking buildings that the dwarves brought ;P


Eh, someday, my horde friends, someday there will be a race for us too... :rolleyes:


If only they could see in the crystal ball whether repeatable quests will be fixed!