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Favourite Building?

My favourite building is the Wayfarer's Tavern.
I like the way it looks, and I like the idea of having a tavern in my town.
It has nothing to do with me liking beer as well.
How wonderful that you have such a small glass, there are so few responsible drinkers in these days.
You are most welcome to join the foot-stomping, ground-shaking, dancing and revelry at my humble alehouse.
The best way to get to the bar is by learning how to crowd-surf.


So many great buildings to pick from, but for now, the one I am enjoying the most is the level 12 Training grounds got to love that orc doing his daily workout.!


So far my favorite building is the Magic Academy... I love magic so that building was a great addition to my village and it looks majestic, mysterious and old; like it really has a story to tell.