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Fairly New and Want a Friendly and Fun FS


Been playing for a month. My score is 3607. Boosted goods are planks, scrolls and magic dust. I play daily and always go thru the FS list to give neighborly help. I haven't participated in tournaments yet, and I don't have any interest in battles.

Am in a FS now that does not send messages. Chat was last used a month ago when I asked a question that was never answered. The archmage doesn't seem to participate in the FS at all. I play on two servers in multiple worlds, and the FS I like best are the ones that are chatty and helpful.

Seeking a FS that is friendly, that chats, whose members answer questions and truly help one another, one that prefers having fun rather than being ultra competitive. Would prefer one with at least 15 members but it's not a deal breaker. Really looking for a fun, helpful, no pressure group.

Thank you!
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Hello, Fatehpursikri.
I'll sending you a personal message. I just noticed I have a vacant spot so I could send you an invite.