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Fair Trading

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pauly7, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Viskyar

    Viskyar Soothsayer

    Apr 10, 2018
    Here's one, who speaks wisely. :cool:
  2. Diadal

    Diadal Alchemist

    Feb 5, 2018
    Still depends on your point of view(s).

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  3. m4rt1n

    m4rt1n Summoner

    Apr 9, 2017
    @CleverAngel777 I apologise for being so rash the other day, but still politely disagree with your fundamental point here.

    Also those who say 1:1:1 is the correct way to go, I disagree, as the goods from the 3 tiers use an escalating amount of coins and supplies to produce, and having 5 factories of each of my 3 boosts still find the game with researches/upgrades requires the goods from the 3 Tiers are spread on a similar escalation to the 2* trades. T3 factories also take far more population to upgrade than T1 goods. At most I would suggest a 3:1 rather than the 4:1 for cross tier trades.

    The game is a fantasy RPG but for those who want to make it real life, I would happily swap you 1kg of Iron for 1kg of Gold.
  4. Diadal

    Diadal Alchemist

    Feb 5, 2018
    First the coins: I scout back to back and use the wholesaler to get rid of the excess coins to prevent getting topped of. There is a thread out there about excess coins making me assume I’m not the only one. Sadly I stopped doing NH, it takes up to much time and I need to reload at least 5 times in doing so. But this would give another 4M/day. Plenty of coins for no cost at all. So we might as well agree to disagree on that point.

    Going off topic to make a point here:

    Maybe if we get fast NH on PC one day I will do it again. But the promise was made about 1,5 years ago and I can’t rely on it showing up. This promise was made at the same time they improved the lighthouse and I quote ‘From now on, the Ancient Wonders "Bell Spire" and "Crystal Lighthouse" will grant you higher rewards when performing Neighborly Helps.’
    The thread about this subject is full of math, showing this was far from true.
    ‘Rebalancing’ hybrid rewards from quests with a promise to give us a RR spell we are still waiting for.

    Back on topic:
    It doesn’t matter because its just a game? What about the fact this game is a product that people spend money on. Don’t tell people ‘its just a game’ and therefore should lower their moral standards about what they consider fair or not. Its not that easy for everyone.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  5. Kaliartis

    Kaliartis Conjurer

    Dec 1, 2017
    You are absolutely right about the Bell Spire/Crystal Lighthouse & NH + The Royal Restoration spell. (not to forget about the broken shards issue being still one..). This is exactly why I talked about "vain" cruisade, as from experience, Inno follows very rarely the general opinion & criticism and usually chose to follow its own schedule, plan and timetable.

    We all have the right to say and defend what we believe in, especially when it goes against our moral standards as you say, and I think that all this heated discussion started on the wrong foot exactly because of that, some felt that they were precisely "accused" of not having moral standards by using the trade/star system as is (me included), which of course is not the case. Others at the same time felt the right to believe that we already have a "fair" trade system and the right to express this belief without being necesseraly singled out. It's all a matter of perspective, personal opinion, playstyle and what we want and need from this game.

    I think personally that we should reconsider this discussion by letting those who feel that this system is defective express themselves and share their discoveries and datas without being judgemental, but, in parallel, granting the right to those who believe that they appreciate things as they are, be their own judge without any discrimination.

    If we can do that, meet half way, it will already be a step forward to the right direction.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  6. Heymrdiedier

    Heymrdiedier Soothsayer

    Dec 1, 2015
    i cant help it what about this:

    thinks to bonus prodution i produce about 8 times as much marble as i do steel and wood (for the same space), doesnt this mean a 1:1 trade within the tier is unfair? maybe i should be only be putting up 3star trades if i stay within the tier... :)
  7. Sir Derf

    Sir Derf Enchanter

    Jul 25, 2018
    Here's a progressive thought...

    How about allowing a programmable setting where you can, at your discretion, override the 1:4:16 ratios for your own star ratings, or no star ratings?

    Imma gonna put this in the suggestions thread.
  8. Diadal

    Diadal Alchemist

    Feb 5, 2018
    The engine-driver has been disabled, beaten with either ’harsh’ or ’kind’ words. The passengers have fled and the rails have been removed by the demolition team. So there is no halfway left where we can meet.
  9. Diadal

    Diadal Alchemist

    Feb 5, 2018
    I would like a button that hides all cross-trades. Getting more and more pages showing up marked as good and therefore the first showing up.
  10. Modern2020

    Modern2020 Adventurer

    Sep 9, 2019
    The trade star is not correct!
    For example, i use 100 marble for 95 steel, it is considered 3 star (very fair). But actually it is ok fair. Or i use 100 marble for 105 steel, it is labels as 1 star (not fair), but it is fair!
    I mean 2 star is only for exactly equaly amount. We need more range.
    I consider 100 marble to 81–119 steel a fair trade (2 star). 100 marble to 50–80 very fair (3 star). 100 marble to 33 to 49 extremely fair (4 star). Equally, 100 marble to 120-200 steel unfair (1star). 100 marble to 201–300 steel very unfair (0 star).
    The reasonble ratio should be maxium 3 not 4.
    And the trader fee need be 25%! The trader takes too much people’s blood!
    For cross tier, it should be 4, because the t1 good is much cheaper and the factory takes less population and space! And when player has low level t3 factory, the player should already has high level t1 factory!
    When unlock t3, you already unlock t1 advanced (much earlier) and t2 advanced (earlier).
    The advanced is earlier than next tier basic to be unlocked!
  11. Flame Knight

    Flame Knight Spellcaster

    Jul 3, 2019

    Maybe not dig up every single old thread?? this one was from over10 months ago

    It is good to participate in the forum, of course :)
  12. Modern2020

    Modern2020 Adventurer

    Sep 9, 2019
    No. Because when you go to later chapter, the price or goods need more!
    You can think ij
    ok. I am new.
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