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Question FA question on paths


Is there any benefit to taking multiple paths up? The last FA was my first, and some of the fellowship thought that the goal was to go up one path at a time to the top and others said to complete multiple paths... I *think* you do not get credit for a second path = 2 stage?


If the only thing you want is the stage prizes at the end of each map then you only really need to do one path, but a whole extra (bigger) element of Fellowship Adventures is competing with the other fellowships. The more waypoints you do means you will climb higher up the leaderboard. Other than the glory of it you will also then receive more team ranking points, plus better prizes if you can get inside the top 50.


Not all fellowships are strong enough to make enough badges to fill all the points on all the maps. What usually happens is that one route is completed to the flag so that the rewards for that map is assured. The fellowship will then decide on how much of the rest of the map they want to or can complete.

Fellowships aiming to get the maximum points possible will rather aim to get those points in the pit, the stage after the three maps. They may even omit to do certain points on the map.

Fellowships just aiming at doing the maps will stop playing once they take the third flag.

Various strategies are possible. Some do just one route on all the maps, some do all routes on all maps and some do a combination.

The trick is to know what your fellowship is able to do so that the best course of action can be taken according to that.


Thank you both... we have only 5 in our Fellowship right now, so I think our goal for this one is to try to get up the hill 3 times and hopefully make the pit. :) I think only 3 of us have done the previous FA, and it was a first time for each of us. I'm the furthest in the research map and am only entering V.

Sir Derf

Keep in mind
  1. The 'bonus' prizes for high ranking FA scores are
    1. not that amazing in and of themselves
    2. not all that differentiated as you get higher and higher
  2. For those who become really serious about ranking in the fellowship, the points/badge ratio of some waypoints might be lower than using the equivalent badges in the pit.
For tangible rewards, all that matters is making a path to the top on each path.
For Fellowship comradery, any goal will work.