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Ancient Wonders Extend Mountain Halls boosting power to sentient goods


I recently got my first sentient goods factory and was disappointed to find out that the the boosting power of the Mountain Halls doesn't cover the sentient goods too. I don't see any reason for this since it's a Wonder that's supposed to boost all our boosted productions. The boosting effect of the MH increases very slowly, so it takes a lot of KPs to get it to a level where we can actually feel the difference in production. It's really unfair if after all that effort to upgrade it it doesn't include the sentient goods. Plus from what I've read, as we progress through the chapters, we need more sentient goods and less T1 standard goods. In a way that means that the value of the Wonder decreases too because it's boosting something we need in lesser quantity and not boosting something we need. And after all the effort some of us have put into it it really doesn't seem fair.

Please consider extending the power of this Ancient Wonder to all boosted production, standard and sentient.


Yes the timewarp, a constructs wonder boosts the sentient goods, so i do believe they wont extend the mountain halls.
I do however feel that its a bit unfair as the MH is advertised as boosting goods production and sentient goods are to me still goods. If they are not going to extend it then they need to make it clearer on description.


Thanks for your answers everyone. Yes, they should put in the description it's standard goods only for future players to know. My Mountain halls is at LV 19 so I feel very disappointed that if I want my sentient good to be boosted I need another wonder and then to upgrade it to a high level again. Space is limited as it is.
Why can't both wonders have the same effect? There are 2 Wonders that increase the amount of troops you can train. Why not do the same here? Some people will chose the Timewarp because of the other power it has, and those that don't need the time between the tournament rounds to be shorter can have the Mountain halls.