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Experienced Me LF A New Home

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I am searching for a fellowship that meets requirements below:

  • every member doing neighbourly help according to city names everyday
  • 10 Tournament Chests every tournament
  • fair trades
What I offer:
  • neighbourly help everyday
  • 2000~ points in tournaments (as soon as I meet requirements)
  • fair trades
  • fast progress
  • fellowship adventure badges with my current buildings during FS Adventure
  • you can get runes from my AWs! :p
  • :plank:, :silk:, :gem:
I just started EN Elvenar. I am also playing in dead TR server, and I reached my limit of patience there. That's why I want to do a fresh start with an FS full of active players. I also want to buy Starter Pack. For that to happen, I need to join a fellowship that at least gets 10 chests every tournament.


There are many Culture buildings because I had to play alone and I was bored. There is only one active FS in TR server and they are #1 in FS ranking. I am one of the founders of that FS, but after almost a year, they kicked me because I agreed a guy who was against multi accounts. Everyone in TR server has many multi accounts. It's been months since they kicked me and I got bored because there is no FS that can get 10 chests other than them and people don't do neighbourly help other than those people. So EN Elvenar will be my new home if you recruit me or I will quit this game for good. You can help me live in Elvenar until my Starter Pack Offer ends! THANKS IN ADVANCE! ♥ ♥ ♥

Note: Elvenar TR Team says multi accounts are not against the rules but feeding an account is. I don't know about here yet but I am going to play with ONLY ONE ACCOUNT. So, please consider this before recruiting me.
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My expectations are going lower. :rolleyes: I think it's not possible to find this FS I'm looking for. I guess 8 chests at least + 5 visits a week are okay. :oops: