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Expansions as quest rewards


I really enjoy doing the special event quests such as wonky walter and halloween but it would be really helpful if we could get some space so we can use the buildings we win in the events. I know we can sell some of the buildings we already have but that means selling buildings we have had to spend time and knowledge points on to research them in the tech tree. Why not include some expansions in the prize list for the special events. Snow flurry event is about to start and that has a lot of buildings as prizes but how are we supposed to fit them into our cities when space is so limited to start with. You don't like us researching too many provinces to gain space but what else are we supposed to do ? Maybe you want us to buy premium expansions at the ridiculous prices you are charging. I for one will not be doing that so come on Inno play fair and give us some spaces as prizes.