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Evolving building tab


I've noticed my inventory is now becoming overloaded with artefacts and the evolving base buildings - I'd like to see those in a seperate tab, where all of the base buildings and artefacts are placed together.....any chance?


I've been thinking a few more inventory tabs might be useful. An Expiring building tab, a Set building tab, an Evolving building tab and their artifacts can go there too. Also I'd like to see blueprints in inventory like we see RRs in inventory.


I'd like to see buildings that are temporarily moved back into Summonings using a transportation spell from the Spire being separately grouped, and not randomly mixed in with the other 20 pages of my summonings. Or clearly identified as transported buildings so I can retrieve them easily and not have to remember exactly what I transported, and trying to find out where they might be.

Sir Derf

But then what if you Teleport Expiring buildings, and Set buildings, and Evolving buildings... would you need sub tabs within the Teleport tab?

How about if there were separate ways of viewing the inventory with a drop-down for selecting which view is active? You could have Classic View, with everything lumped together; Type View, grouped by Expiring, Set, Evolve, etc,; Chapter View; Alphabetic View; sorted by Footprint; sorted by Pop, Culture, etc.; sorted by per square Pop, Culture, etc..