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Discussion Evolution of the Phoenix


Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the upcoming Evolution of the Phoenix event.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Would like to know when this event will be starting on the International & US Servers. I do know it has already been started on the Beta server.

Golddust Odin

Would like to know when this event will be starting on the International & US Servers. I do know it has already been started on the Beta server.
Dizzy Lizzie said:
Between April 15 and May 12, 2019 you can find eggs randomly appear around your city and fulfill special quests to gain Sky Essence. You can use this Sky Essence to open Chests for special daily prizes and Phoenix Feathers. These Phoenix Feathers can be used to unlock the Grand Prizes!


Also I like that some buildings from the very first Phoenix Event are returning again. I loved them back then but had to delete them over time as the RR didn't exist back then. A chance to put them back in my city is superb, thank you. :)


Has anyone actually seen pet food in crafting yet? im sure you could get it before the event in BETA


I've put together a few brief, easy-to-share guides that list the chests from best to worst according to which give the best value for money for feathers (i.e. grand prizes), or daily prizes.
Where multiple chests are listed with the same rank number it means they have equal value for money.

I hope people find this useful. :)

Numbers are based on the tables found here: https://elvengems.com/phoenix-2019/phoenix-chests/


Two back to back month long events... That's fairly unprecedented isn't it?

I've been reading through the Gamer's Gems guidance on "evolving buildings". I think I understand, but that was a whole lot of complicated information for a bit. I do like the idea of something new, though and I shall look forward to picking one of those three to work on. I think I'll have the fiery one.

I think I'll mostly ignore the daily buildings though. They seem to be all repeats of prior ones and I've only just fit things together in my city after the last event. Also, I'm probably a bit quested out at this stage so I'll just concentrate on the one building.


AFAIK there's no "Buying KP" in the sequential quests... This is awesome!

(Yes, I know buying KP is supposedly healthy since your economy should also grow along with it, but still.)


Why haven't the giant eggs landed in my city on PC. They have been there a week already on the app.


Do I need to have one of the new evolving buildings installed in my city when I collect a Phoenix Artifact, or can I wait to build and use the artifacts then? I have no room for a new building right now. Thanks!

Update: I found the answer in Platinum Leaf group on Facebook: "The Phoenix Artifact goes into your Inventory and you can use it whenever you want."
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