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Events: New Evolving Building Ideas

Silent Tempest

Problem: There are many events throughout the year, which is great, but the main prizes are becoming a bit stale. I understand not wanting to offer awesome buildings every time, like the Fire Phoenix and Brown Bear, but if the main prize is an evolving building it’s almost always (or just always) a pop/culture hybrid offering some combination of supplies, goods, mana, seeds and KP. I won’t broach the topic of utility, as I understand that different people find different things useful. This is simply about mixing up what’s on offer.

Fix: How about throwing in more specialised evolving buildings? For example, a seed producer or orc producer or KP producer. At later stages seeds, orcs and KP are needed in huge quantities, which is why I‘m using them as examples. Obviously, if it’s won by someone not yet at the stage of that particular resource it would produce something else and then, when upgraded, would later produce the resource for which it was intended. Don’t give it pop/culture and other resources, just specialise.

However, let’s throw in a twist, to start production you need to feed it relics or runes. Maybe relics for short productions and runes for longer ones? But, unlike manufactory productions, the longer productions give better yields. Maybe randomise which relics/runes are required for each production time, so people can choose what they can give up at that point. For example, who else has over 1000 Golden Abyss runes? But I don’t have many Thermal Spring of Youth runes.

How about another twist? Throw in a multiplier activated by KP sacrifice! So, feed it 5 KP and apply a 1.20 multiplier to your production. But feed it 10 KP and apply a 1.50 multiplier instead! Those numbers were plucked out of the air, obviously. It would have to be decided what would be equitable. KP sacrifice could be allowed anytime before production finishes. Wait, KP sacrifice to multiply KP production (in a building specialising in KP production)? Wouldn’t that be a fun trade off to weigh up?


I don't know why this should be an evolving building? I rather have a "normal" culture + KP or mana or seeds building. This will avoid the mess with those artifacts and the problem with partially evolved and thus useless buildings.

However, these "normal" buildings are already available (Mana Sawmill, Festival Merchant, Carting Libraries, etc.). Specialized buildings will not benefit everybody, so i think they are better suited as daylies than as grand prizes.

The twist with relics and/or runes would be fine for advanced players going deep in tournaments. With the upcoming nerf to the tournament advanced players won't be able to go as far, so KPs, relics and runes will be much scarcer.

To summarize: I think specialized buildings are great, but they should be daily prizes, so we can pick the ones that we want. Productions should remain free and not use up things that we soon will be in short supply of.

Silent Tempest

Fair points.

Orcs, Seeds and KP are in short supply in advanced chapters and the production capabilities for such resources are little to be desired. Consider what you use Orcs and Seeds for: research, AW upgrades (8 million Orcs to upgrade all AWs past level 30), manufactory upgrades, guest race goods, Spire convincing, Tournament negotiating, FA costs, etc. Then consider the production buildings and their yields: armories, trader, AWs, small specialised buildings. Demand completely outstrips supply.

If my building concept were to simply produce the same quantity of resources as "normal buildings" (relative to its size); e.g. Mana Sawmill or Carting Libraries; then, I agree, what would be the point? The purpose of making a specialised building an evolving building would be to justify the production of far greater quantities of the resource. Why cut out the culture part and make it a simple one resource building? To allow a greater boost to the production yield. The problem with hybrid buildings is that the more separate resources it produces the less of each resource it produces.

The main/grand prize of any event doesn't benefit everyone, which is why not everyone places them. If people don't like this building concept they would similarly not place it. That's the way it's always been with any of the main/grand prizes.

I've been keeping a casual eye on the tournament update and whilst it will nerf players' ability to complete 40/50/60+ provinces I understand that completing 20-25 provinces will still be doable; so relic and rune earnings aren't going to fall terribly short of demand, if at all. Plus you can still earn runes/relics from completing provinces, crafting and AW chests. The point of applying a cost to the production is again to justify an increase in yield.


Maybe have a building that eats spell fragments. Might be worth it even if it doesn't give something in return.;)


Fix: How about throwing in more specialised evolving buildings? For example, a seed producer or orc producer or KP producer.
The new bear coming up is a KP producer. (Feeding effect of 6KP per pet food used.)

I agree, though, that the evolving buildings have all become a bit 'samey' and I like your other ideas.


events could be more often "race" related, like this current event is clearly Sorcerers themed with both buildings looking like the chapte, and most daily prizes handing out mana.

We should have an Orc event some time, with many buildings handing out Orcs and why not the suggested big Orc producing grand prize. I agree that the current hybrid buildings are getting boring, of course the reason for them always producing little of a lot of differnt things is that it supposedly appeals to more players, as everybody can at least get something out of it. But with this crazy amounts of events lately it has simply become so repetitive and boring they really coul dmake more specialized buildings for resources that every body needs.

And some way to use Rune shards, relics and spell fragments would be appreciated no matter what!


We should have an Orc event some time, with many buildings handing out Orcs and why not the suggested big Orc producing grand prize.
I'd love an event that focussed on Orc producing buildings... Oh, the buildings they'd come up with would all be hateful to look at though... I know you'd be into them!