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Open Event quest: Scout 20 provinces (!)


I'm rather hoping this is just a display glitch! This is quest #61 for the current event, (the eighth daily quest) it should be scout one province, but it is showing as 20!


I thought it'd just be a caching issue, but I have cleared my cache and reloaded the game multiple times now and it always comes out like above. I do have a second city on the same quest and it is not having this issue.

Fun fact: with my scout time, that'd be over 106 days of total scouting for this one quest! ;)


@Herodite I have the same issue, mine had 4 of 20 scouted I am pretty sure that was from the first vision vapor that I collected. I have since scouted a province and it is now 5 out of 20 scouted .... I thought it might have just been a display glitch and that scouting a province would sort it, but it did not.

I have been smashing through the quests, but this one is now holding me up until I get some vision vapor, as obviously I will not be scouting another 15 provinces



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Hi @gwimm Thanks for letting us know, it's clearly affecting multiple users. I've passed this on to the Team, just finding out if you need to raise a ticket as well! :)

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UPDATE: @gwimm If you could also send us a Ticket through support please we would be grateful
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I think something certain is afoot. I am on quest 66 I think, part of dailies, actually yesterday’s daily, which I completed partly as one part involves tournament actions which I was leaving for today. Today I see that the tool part is now also incomplete - in all my cities. At first I thought it was strange, how did I skip a city, but now that I am paying more attention, I see it in all.


@Gargon667 Double check your numbers because it seems a few have gone rogue...
No way of keeping track of them, they are a very chaotic bunch. Either they´re there or they´re not. But there´s a lot of them, so they do get underfoot all the time you don´t want them to.