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End of repeatable quests...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Recksters, Sep 1, 2015.


Do you agree to limit the declineable quests as shown in the Beta server?

  1. Yes

    10 vote(s)
  2. No

    46 vote(s)
  1. Da Twista

    Da Twista Conjurer

    Jun 1, 2015
    I was on holiday and seemed to have missed something - now there are two repeatable quest lines?
  2. Lisica

    Lisica Guest

    I had it on the green of tech tree and it seems we can get it on the brown as well, didn't last for long but was possible to use 2 quests which covered the same thing in slightly different wording and so get 2 rewards for one completion.

    We lost the mainline quest for a period and it was replaced with a second repeatable line, but then went back to the mainline again.
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  3. Recksters

    Recksters Bard

    Jul 28, 2015
  4. Zoli

    Zoli Dreamer

    Jul 30, 2015
    Time to start doing other quests than just RQs :D
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  5. NecroDee

    NecroDee Bard

    Sep 4, 2015
    Twista there have always "technically" been 2. It's basically any time you get ahead of your main quests with the knowledge tree, it gives you a second RQ. Then when you research the next part of the main quest line, it throws you back into normal mode.
    Also, once you finish the knowledge tree, both quests become RQs.
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  6. Thuriquesse

    Thuriquesse Guest

    It seems very strange that this whole notion of Repeatable quests has ever existed in the first spot. WHY did Inno allow or make repeatable quests????

    It seems to me that a slight tweak to the production of coins and supplies and you can delete the Quests or make the Reward equal to the level of difficulty and or cost.

    I look at players at the top of any world and see players with cities built with only points in mind. Huge amounts of tier 3 goods factories. Then their Supplies/workshop is few because tier 3 buildings make more points for all the point whores or those who build their city weird.

    If a city has a balanced economy, the fellowship is active and the player makes additional revenue from visiting on the map, then Why oh why are their repeatable quests? Most other games it would be illegal.

    I changed my vote and am ASKING innogame to think about it. Increase the revenue slightly and remove the quests...Maybe have the players design future quests make it a contest...:p
  7. Recksters

    Recksters Bard

    Jul 28, 2015
    Define huge? 6 is a lot for you?

    As I wrote in the other thread where Inno is asking for feedback, the game is unbalanced. We cannot produce enough supplies without RQs.
  8. Amy Steele

    Amy Steele
    Ex-Team Member

    Apr 23, 2015
    Repeatable quests allow players who have finished with the non-repeatable quests and/or the tech tree, or who are stuck on their main quest for a while, to still have some challenge within the game, something to do other than simply collect and reset in their city :)
  9. Thuriquesse

    Thuriquesse Guest

    Repeatable quests are an accident that should have never have happened then INNO finds itself stuck in a situation. Endless quests are stupid and it only leads to a click feast. I am Number 2 on the Beta world with over 80,000 points and stopped this stupid endless quests a very long time ago. I built my city with enough Supply buildings to manage my city properly unlike most others who depend on this click-fest repeatable quests. It is at best stupid and worst only feeds players who cannot build a city with a well managed economy. They complain whine and cry about not getting enough, well....boohoo to you...Grow up and learn to build a well managed city then you will not need to click your way through the game....Repeatable quests is cheating.
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  10. Recksters

    Recksters Bard

    Jul 28, 2015
    The supplies system of this game is not balanced.

    It's impossible to build enough workshops to keep everything busy.

    It's impossible to produce 10 to 1 coins vs supplies eventho the game is designed that way.

    I need 46 workshops to provide me with the supplies I need each day.

  11. Thuriquesse

    Thuriquesse Guest

    You are totally and absolutely wrong. My fellowship has a great visiting routine. I get good Supplies from them. In my neighborhood on Beta I have very good neighbors. I cultivated many good friends early in this game and they have been good supporters. When new players come into my neighborhood I help them grow and they help me with Supplies by visiting each other. Many times I have to trade my coins and supplies in the trader because of excess, have too....

    Impossible...Rubbish....I build troops all day, I have 10 level 15 Magic Dust, 4 level 15 Scrolls and 8 level 17 Planks and have absolutely Zero problems financing production 24/7 on beta....My level 17 Workshops work great and supply me with tons of Supplies.

    I joined this world to see what a Human city from my own perspective and like the ELF city much better..:)...AND getting another city up to max strength will take too long....and too costly..:p-

    It is very simple to redo the quest system...I would envision a system of VERY DIFFICULT quests and suitable reward system. Have the reward match the difficulty of the quest. But this notion of having an endless click fest just to get Supplies and coins is absolutely rubbish way to play this game and it should immediately be stopped and rework the whole system..

    >>>>>Rework the Residence income
    >>>>>Rework the Workshop Income
    >>>>>Stop all quest denials...and increase the difficulty and increase the rewards plus have a system of quest achievements to shoot for....People love to climb reward system ladders...

    Make the quests fun, and this bs click fest should be immediately stopped. If players want a mis-balanced city structure then this quest click fest should not be abused to make up for point whores...:)
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 20, 2015
  12. Recksters

    Recksters Bard

    Jul 28, 2015
    Pouhahaha! This guy has zero experience on the production server and thinks he can comment. Please, try to find 5 daily active neighbors, you'll be lucky.

    10 x 3rd tier = 250k supplies for 2x9-hour productions and 1x3-hour production.

    You would need 220 active neighbors for that amount. Yer very funny.

    Stop bullying the experienced players of this server, young skywalker.
  13. quicksilver

    quicksilver Spellcaster

    Aug 13, 2015
    I have been trying to reduce my use of the repeatable quests, and the result is running out of supplies. Workshops at each level need to produce a lot more supplies than they do presently. Then a lot of the need to keep repeating quests will vanish.
  14. Katwijk

    Katwijk Scholar

    Aug 24, 2015
    OR, you shouldn't be routinely training so many troops nor short cycling your manufacturing, both of which increase your need for supplies.
  15. Thuriquesse

    Thuriquesse Guest

    hahahahahahahaha...coming from the mouth of babies.....:p

    58,200 coins......5,820 supplies per 3 hour production cycle for tier 3 Dust
    107,000 coins......10,700 supplies per 9 hour production Cycle same product.

    Daily Production as follows........1..9 hour shift, 4.....3 hour shifts
    Income from Magic Dust as follows......1007 per 3 hour shift........1842 per 9 hour

    10 Dust factories...60k Magic Dust app.
    Cost of Goods........4.4 million coins......339 supplies if my math is correct....

    I am known as RUG BUG on the BETA server..Look me up.....accounts are free....MAIL ME.....

    A few details.....2nd in world....81177 points....
    Lvl 17 Main Hall
    Lvl 17 Workshops....13
    Lvl 17 Residences.....60

    Lvl 15 Magic Dust....10
    Lvl 15 Scrolls......4
    Lvl 19 Planks......6
    Lvl 4 Granite......8....Total 13
    Lvl...Cooper....Various lvls.....4
    Lvl 4 Portal

    I am an economic Warrior so Only barracks 17...only one Armory...

    Only need the Following.....
    Dwarven Style Armory
    Last 5...
    Just finished Researching Yesterday The first Ancient Wonders...I bought it rather than waiting....Cost me Alot of all boosted goods and about 5 million coin
    4110 Magic dust = One KP
    3480 Planks= One KP
    1840 Scrolls = One KP
    153 K Coin = One KP

    Currently Almost have the Martial Monastry and part way to Crystal Lighthouse...

    Magic Dust Boost.....453%
    Plank Boost....391%
    Scrolls Boost....391%

    1404 total Collected relics....
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 22, 2015
  16. Ecurb

    Ecurb Guest

    So by your own admission you used it to advance and now when you have your city working its becomes cheating and needs to be banned. If the game allows it why not make use of it. If its cheating then your just as guilty of it as everyone else.
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  17. Thuriquesse

    Thuriquesse Guest

    WRONG assumption.....I stopped AGES ago......in fact I used the repeatable quests for about a week before it became a huge waste of time....

    I said the repeatable should be reworked...More work/effort = richer gain...
    Doable quests.

    This Bs of mass click through quests will end....If you build your cities with poor economy dont blame the game, blame your poor economic model....

    How many players bother to do a daily budget expense vs revenue?...without MASS CLICKS.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 22, 2015
  18. Duke Avatar

    Duke Avatar Soothsayer

    Oct 9, 2015

    You continually point towards your city on the beta server as if to show us how good a player you are... From what I saw you spent a LOT of money to get to your 80K points... Does that make you a GOOD player or just a RICH player?

    So how to judge a players skill? When all factors are equal... When the time since starting to play and the amount of money spent is equal... only then can two or more players be judged on score.

    Why not accept a challenge to show us how skilled you are at this game? (as you are repeatedly alluding to be in this forum)?
    You have the seed of a city on this server. See if you can reach the top thousand in 4 months... WITHOUT buying diamonds.
    Then you can point to yourself and say... I'm a skilled player... and we would all believe you.

    Because currently you just belittle and berate the members of this forum (across multiple threads) without offering any constructive advise.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2015
  19. Thuriquesse

    Thuriquesse Guest

    OK guys...you do realize that Insulting players is not good for your health, after all this is a game to be enjoyed.
    I have to prove you DUKE AVATAR absolutely Nothing.

    I enjoy spending my money on a game and having the benefits of being RICH.

    DUKE AVATAR....You play for free because of players like me, if no one invested their money into a Company like INNO then poor players like you would not be playing For free...Please do not whine because you do not have the money to buy Diamonds...

    Ask Inno if they could make a game and have no one buy into it...

    You seem to think buying Diamonds makes for a poor player....That is a huge laugh.....LMAO..LMAO..LMAO...

    Sorry not taking your little baiting jest. I am here to show you how to play...Just because you are too poor and play off of the backs of paying customers makes you very sad player....I feel sorry for you. So many times since I first started with Inno back on the NET server of world 7 of tribal wars I have heard the same BS....YES BS...Pure BS.....Money cannot buy everything, but you seem to think it does...how sad for you....

    SO boohoo to u....:p

    Stop the Click-festing and start playing the game.....IF you want to know how to play, join BETA and I will of course show you Proper city management...
  20. Ecurb

    Ecurb Guest

    To me buying stuff with diamonds is just legalised cheating and for those who cant wait for things to progress. I am not poor and could easily spend a lot of money on this game but I choose not to. I spent about $15 to get some extra builders and that was it.

    If you play the game without the use of diamonds it is vastly different than if you do. You advance quicker and you pay to buy stuff you need rather than gaining it another way.

    Either way you play the game you still need skill to manage your city. Paid players just have more stuff quicker. The one thing that really irks players who dont pay though is players who have bought their way up telling them how to play the game.