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End game


So, as this world has been open for a bit over a month now I've started wondering about something. What is the end game/goal of this game? Right now it seems like once you've finished the tech tree that's basically it. You will of course still have buildings to upgrade and a few battle's to fight, but there won't really be any new exciting things.

So basically, my question is, what's the end game of elvenar? What will happen once you run out of buildings to build and things to research?

Will the tech tree perhaps be expanded in the future, more buildings, new features?


I guess, when you put your last possible building an error occurs with short info:

"We're extremely sorry but bugs in the software just ate the whole your city deleting any info that we stored about you and because of that we can't restore anything you lost.
We strongly encourage you to start over again, and to help you with that task please accept our little gift: a super-dupper-mega-fantastic statue of Big Bug that provides +10 culture and produces +10 coins.

Your Sincerely
Bugs Team"

However there's some hope it'll not happen. Maybe devs give us a super difficult sector to conquer - a sector that requires:
[negotiating] 2^65 of each goods, and billions of supplies that can be collected only by whole guild (fellowship) over the period of 2 lifetimes
[fighting] The sector will be filled with extremely strong creatures and a boss that can be defeated only by someone who has collected 5 of the super-dupper-mega-fantastic statues of Big Bug.


bugs in the software just ate the whole your city deleting any info that we stored about you and because of that we can't restore anything you lost.
We strongly encourage you to start over again

This bit cracked me up more than it should. Curse you for making me laugh so hard that I spat breadcrumbs on my keyboard!

On a serious note though, I think the tech tree ends and you're left with building your city up to the point where you can no longer upgrade them. Also, there's an almost endless list of people for you to run to and discover. I reckon once you've got to the furthest player away from you, it'll cost about 62 upteen quadrillion beastmode amount of money. I'm sure there will be future updates which will add to the tech tree + any extra gameplay features.


Hopefully at some point we will be able to go to war!!!

Either attacking each others cities or have another sector of the game that Fellowships can battle for zones of a map (similar to another of their games).


Unfortunately the developers have already mentioned they have no intentions of bringing PvP or any sort of plundering system to this game. I kinda like the Fellowship idea though - A full Fellowship battling it out for some territory would intrigue me.


The Inno team talked a bit about this in the September issue of Inno TV..

There will be a "guess race" of sorts which will need to settle as they get their footing. they'll take up some space around your city, will open up more buildings and tech for you to develop, then will leave you with a "special gift" before they leave your town.

What this race is, whether all players get the same new race, or different ones according to what criteria, how long will they stay and what will it cost us other than space, are all burning questions

Seeing as this was announced on last month, and they'd said "in the next weeks" it shouldn't be too far now :)
Exciting stuff!
I'd pick that over PvP anyday!


Yes Alexis88 I am with you on this I don't enjoy PvP at all!


One of our members is already depressed as he has researched the whole tree, upgraded everything possible....where does he go next?
To have the regions too expensive that the max money you can hold in your main hall is not enough is self defeating....or that the armies you come across are far stronger than yours will ever be....

Surely a new twist needs to be added: quests to find artifacts or a new troop type... how about the armories allowing you to develop your own troop type, even a hero figure that can do magic or at least heal/revive damaged/killed troop members? Being able to get experience for troops that increases their attack/defense if they survive a battle also the barracks being able to train the troops to new levels. This would encourage loosing less troops and aid in fighting stronger armies.


Update: That same member has now quit due to lack of any foreseeable innovation/development of game!