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Enchant your world with Spells!




Dear Humans and Elves,

With tomorrow's update we plan to include a brand-new feature: Spells. So, let’s give you a short introduction about this new element of Elvenar.

After the update, two new technologies will appear in the Research Tree. The first one at the end of Chapter I, the second at the end of Chapter III. Please note that if you have already passed this point, you will need to go back and complete these researches to activate the features!

With the first one, you will unlock a new building, the Magic Academy. With this building, you can produce a spell called Power of Provision. You will need Relics to start the spell creation process, and it takes quite some time for a spell to be finished, so better start the production right away!

You can find more information about the Magic Academy on this page (click) of our Elvenar wiki.


Once the creation of a spell is finished, you can find it in the inventory, a new menu icon at the bottom of the screen. Enchant a supply workshop with the Power of Provision spell and it will dramatically increase your supply production income. This even works with already finished productions! Basically, you can wait for a supply production to be finished, and then, right before collecting it, enchant the building and receive way more supplies.

However – the spell only lasts for two hours, and if you don’t collect in time, you will not receive the bonus. Probably the best way to use this spell is to create enough spells to enchant all your workshops at once – and then use shorter production options while the spell lasts.

The second technology, the one at the end of Chapter III, will unlock another spell in the Magic Academy: Magical Manufacturing. This spell increases the Good amounts your Manufactories can produce. The spell lasts longer then Power of Provision, but you should still keep in mind that the spell has to be active when you collect your goods. If you want a long production to be enchanted, just wait until the production is finished, and then enchant right before collecting. This way you will make the most out of your spells!

For more information on Spells, please see the Spells page of the Elvenar wiki


Following feedback from our beta players we have today improved these 2 spells there, to make them even more powerful. Now, instead of the spell working on just your base production, it will work on your whole production, including any boosted amount!

Future updates:
We will upgrade this feature with another spell and the ability to upgrade the Magic Academy in one of the next two releases, so stay tuned!

Please let us know what you think by posting in the discussion thread.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team