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Elvinears are looking for you.


Hi everyone, we are looking for friendly active players. :)

First and foremost, we are very friendly and active in chat and joining us will lead to great friendships. :)

Maybe have a joke or two in the chat, help with a few trades, earn a Blueprint every week and reach top 20 in Adventures. :D

New players are welcome as well as old timers. We have a fully relaxed atmosphere, however stress is allowed on special occasions. :eek:

Help in the tournaments, as it will help you, a few rounds and a few points, and we get blueprints and loads of KP instants. :rolleyes:

Adventures are fun and relaxed for the most part, and we complete all maps but don't go extreme, participate and you will benefit from the prizes. ;)

Play the spire and try to reach the Frog boss, and earn lots of extra rewards together. :)

Applicants reply here or by message ingame to myself, motivated active players who love the game will get a place with us, and never look elsewhere again. :cool:

We look forward to you joining us. :)


He everyone we are recruiting again. Message me ingame if you would like to join our friendly team. :)


2 spaces available for a friendly active player, tourney and spire weekly, active most days, message me in game if you like friendly chat, help in the game and are active, I look forward to hearing from you. :)