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Discussion Elvenar's HTML5 client

MinMax Gamer

It worked for me from day one.
I always use those shortcuts!
I hold my left little finger down on the ctrl button, and use my index finger for C copy, X cut, V paste, Z go back one, S Save, A mark all, D bookmark, F find, etc. All with one hand!
I do this hundreds of times every day; it is second nature for me.
It worked for me from day one because I was on Flash client. Once I switched to HTML5, Ctrl-X/C/V in chat stopped working for me (in Chrome). I remember it well as I used it often before that, and I couldn't do it no matter what I tried (outside of switching back to Flash).

Now it seems to be working.


Copy and paste was introduced on 13th November 2018, Version 1.67. From the release notes:

"You can now select text from chat and messages with your mouse, which makes it a lot easier to copy text from one place to the other (using ctrl+c and ctrl+v). And, to make this even better: it works in both the Flash- and HTML5 clients!"

Before that it did not work in either Flash or HTML. (Yes there was a really terrible backdoor to achieve highlighting with Flash, but I would not call this "working")


A small FYI to users
Whenever you install new GPU drivers, the people responsible for HTML5 updates may not release a compatible build with this until several days afterwards. As a consequence, the game may stop working until then. However, there is hope.

If you are using Firefox, there is a way to reactivate Flash ActiveX functionality, even though Mozilla has internally disabled it. To do this, follow the instructions below:
  1. Type about:config in your address bar, and accept the disclaimer - this will allow you to access Firefox's core architecture. The adjustments we are making will not impact functionality, but it is advised not to otherwise fiddle with this unless you know what you're doing.
  2. In the search bar that appears, type "flash" (without quotes).
  3. Find the "plugin.state.flash" option, which should be set to 0. Right-click this and select "Modify", change the setting to 1, and click OK.
  4. Find the "plugins.FlashBlock.enabled" setting, which should be set to True. Right-click this and select "Toggle", which will change it to false.
  5. Close and re-open your browser to make sure changes have worked.
You should now be able to use Flash ActiveX again with Elvenar. I have no doubt Mozilla will eventually remove this, but it should offer you the ability to run the game with Flash when HTML5 isn't up to date.


@hyncharas if I follow this procedure should the game then automatically run in Flash again? If so my problem has not been solved.

At the weekend I had cause to open up my PC, remove the hard drive then later put it back in. From that moment Elvenar has been unusable on my PC. Everything else on the PC that I've tried (not exhaustive) seems fine. I haven't played other games, but general computer navigation, web browsing and even Youtube all seem OK. When I come to Elvenar the game takes over 5 minutes to load and then I just get jerky graphics and every click or screen movement takes an age. I can spend 10 minutes just trying to donate to one person's AW.

I've tried all the browsers I can think of. It's all much the same story except with IE which seems to work perfectly fine, but the game just crashes after a minute. The Opera browser seems a tad slower and stickier than the others. The game runs perfectly on other devices, including Android, luckily.

I didn't otherwise make any changes to the PC, the graphics card and all other devices are running and look fine in the device manager. I've updated the graphics card driver and that makes no difference.

Any IT techies out there?


open up task manager when using a browser for elvenar and see if the cpu, network and memory %'s max out when in use, that could help narrow down the cause. Because as you can see the browser isnt using the disk, i also closed elvenar down and restarted it with task manager open and the disk usage hardly moved up...about 0.1 MB/s

both elvenar and the forum are running at the time of this screen shot.



I had to leave the house before I got a chance to make a screenshot, plus the PC crashed altogether, but I looked and the disk was definitely being used. Every few seconds it was spiking from maximum back to zero. Also the CPU usage was about 50% and the memory about 25%.
I am well aware that flash is soon history, so I've tried play Elvenar with HTML5 version. But every time I do it, I'll switch it soon back to flash because I don't like it.
Why so?

1. Flash looks still graphically better. Especially when You look at the numbers and text.

2. The most annoying to me is the moments, when I switch pages - to go from city to map, visiting others etc. In flash version I can see previous page till the moment, when new page opens. This is nice and logic. But HTML5 version acts stupidly in the same situation:
When I tried HTML5 first and switched pages, I had to watch all those seconds dark screen, till new page was loading. Now I can see they made some changes, while it shows every time front page of game - before new page opens -, which isn't better at all. It feels like I can't go stright from point A to point B. Why? Why? Why?!

I really-relly hope that they change it and make it look like it is in Flash version.

With best regards



I have the same problem, I couldn't understand for a very long time why Elvenar was extremely laggy at my work computer. After ages of struggling with immense lag, so much that I could hardly even pan across the city, I went to the settings; about to lower the graphics, when I saw that it was set to HMTL5. As soon as I switched it to Flash, all the lag was gone. Realized I had flash on by default on my home computer.
I'm dreading when flash will be removed next year, then I won't be able to play even at home. >_<


As the HTML5 version of the game has now existed for a long time (more than a year?) it is surprising that it still seems very much inferior. Are they no longer trying to improve it or is Flash just better technology?


As the HTML5 version of the game has now existed for a long time (more than a year?) it is surprising that it still seems very much inferior. Are they no longer trying to improve it or is Flash just better technology?
Cynic in me thinks all their effort is going into the mobile app - but then you can't even donate kps in that.


You might be right although it was stated some time ago that they have a seperate team that work just on the app so the cynic in me thinks that maybe they just can't get HTML5 working.


HTML5, for me, is slow and clunky. Nothing smooth about playing the game with that, even when I try to optimize my browsers as much as I can.


HTML5, for me, is slow and clunky. Nothing smooth about playing the game with that, even when I try to optimize my browsers as much as I can.
This is odd, it is exactly the opposite for me. HTML5 client works smooth and nicely, in the Flash client the graphics are incredibly slow, panning is terribly lagging. (Chrome)


html5 always crashes several times for me so i go back to flash and have to reload once if im unlucky. i have fantastic internet and a new laptop so i know its not problems my end