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Discussion Elvenar's HTML5 client

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Muf-Muf, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Feyth

    Feyth Seeker

    Oct 23, 2018
    OK Thanks Dizzy :)
  2. Raeat

    Raeat Adventurer

    Aug 28, 2018
    What in the world just happened? The game ground to a crawl - as in unplayable.

    I just had to disable HTML5 in the game options. The game is still slower, but at least marginally playable.
  3. Canopus

    Canopus Dreamer

    Jan 28, 2018
    For those that are finding things slower using HTLM5 check the Performance tab in your browser to see if hardware acceleration is turned on, default is normally off. If it has Use System Settings checked then uncheck it and it should change to Use Hardware Acceleration. If you have a good graphics card that supports it then its internal RAM and proccessor should help.
    For the last three or so months I've been using HTLM5 on a new gaming laptop and only the other day realized Hardware Acceleration was not turned on in my browser so did so and the improvement was noticable.
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  4. m4rt1n

    m4rt1n Shaman

    Apr 9, 2017
    Thank you, very helpful. :)
  5. Prince Mick

    Prince Mick Alchemist

    Nov 5, 2018
    Thanks, that seems to be working for me, previously I could not get the game to play using HTLM5 on google, whereas it would play on Firefox.