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Elvenars Birthday Event


Congratulations to all winners!

@Hekata, loved your story with your entry even more than your amazing crocheted unicorn.

Thank you Elvenar for the competition. Love it! Happy Birthday!


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
All winners will find that the :diamond:diamonds:diamond: have been sprinked on their accounts and the very luckiest winners have the Gravity Inn waiting in their Inventories......
I want to thank each and every one of you who took part in our birthday events. It has been so lovely reading all of the fabulous entries and seeing your creations....I am in love with Hekata's incredible creation especially as that is incredible crochet!!!! but I am also grateful for everyone who took the time to make us something.
Thank you


Thanks again @Silmaril and it was indeed great (and still it is), reading some #1s entry, I thought I was the craziest hahaha. Congrats everybody else, sorry :p @Hekata needed her congrats in a solo post for such awesome work :p


Correct, it is just a permission setting, and "user" has write and read permits (alongside with upload, like, etc) in most the forum. Elvenar team possibly have their subforum that us "user" do not see. But as @m4rt1n said, it is this section settings :)
@Hekata,I didn't see your work before.What you did is more than incredible!!!!You like elvenar so much that you can give it full 3 days!! I feel like crying man.
Anyway,congratulations.None deserves the 1st prize more than you.


Thanks @Harry12Neo ! And, while I do like the game, it's the opposite that's more accurate: I like to crochet that much that I don't mind doing a 3 days project that will fit the theme of the competition :)