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Discussion Elvenar Mobile

Sadly, I cannot login to the app. It keeps telling me my password is wrong, even though I have changed it now, it still won't work. :(:(


Ex-Team Member
@Shamy Opening and closing the trader does not bring up a new cycle of quests, I still have to close and reload the app.
If you are just bypassing one or two, then opening the trader will work, If however you have gone all the way through the quests back to the same one again, it is currently needed to restart the app to move forward. I think i was on auto pilot with the limited response before, I am sorry for that.


I like the app because of the fast neighbour help,but i have noticed that you can"t use KP on ancient wonders.Will this be fixed?


so i wanted to use the app today, wich i hate using cause its poorly done but wanted to collect some production and guess what .. it aint working.
not really a suprise .. anyways .. i logd in, choose server it was at the loading screen and then poof
gone. it closes. and now it keeps doing that .. go the the loading screen and closes.

atleast launch something that ppl can use .. not just install and then look at


First off I want to say thank you! I love being able to reset goods and troops on the go.

I have a couple of points to make. I am in Canada and for some reason each and every time I load Elvenar mobile it defaults to the US server. I may have 2 or 3 dead cities in US Felyndral by now.... Why can't it remember my settings?

I am a mail addict. Gee I am the lady that launched a thread suggesting we be allowed to PAY for expanded mail storage. Please add mail to the features on mobile. I'd even reconsider my support of the gerbil attack!


Not surprised. I am not on mobile, but the regular game locks for me constantly. I have seen many threads about both conditions with many theories and suggestions (some root causes might be unique to the method of consuming, others might be the same across platforms).


Nope, app isn't crashing for me.

Thing is, its boring just playing app. Other than those story quest and building town, nothing else exists.

Hopefully those working on app give us, app players, rest of content fast.


I really enjoy the mobile version of the game, although you need both for the moment to get along with the game, hope to see that fixed in the near future.

Some people tend to use the village name to show what they like for NH, this is not visible in the app, would it be possible to show that on the choice screen (where you can choose what help you would like to give)



Elvenar Team
We are working hard to provide all the features that you know from browser in the app as well. And, showing preferences for Neighborly Help (whether that's via the city name or in another way) is also definitely something we're considering. :)
I get to the "Downloading Assets" screen and then nothing happens - I have tried waiting for tens of minutes, still nothing happens. Could this be a firewall issue?

Aurrynthea Drake

Question about messages in game: WHEN these get implemented (no rush guys just curious) will there be an option to toggle notification on and off or will we only know we have messages when we log into the game? Just asking as I am on a quest to stop my phone from alerting me from every single app which drives me bonkers! I only need notifications from my 2 main messaging apps and my phone everything else can wait until I have a free moment to open the app and look in myself, otherwise I spend the whole day being "notified" by every app that something is happening and it does my head in!



I installed the game for my mobile when it was first released to mobile, but found I it didn't feel complete enough to me, maybe I'm simply too used to the PC version. But yeah, for now i'll stick to PC until it has all of the planned features. When the messages do get put on mobile, if it was not an optional thing to have notifications turned on or off, I wouldn't use the mobile version at all though, I can't handle my phone alerting me for stuff all the time.