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Answered Elementals


I am quite near the beginning of this chapter, but I am extremely frustrated by the trading in sentient goods.
Basically almost everyone seems to have the tree gum (including me) as their sentient good, so it is very difficult to trade for platinum and moonstone!


I agree 3star trades are still taken quickly, it also helps to post bigger trades. Like 20k+ at a time. The point is as you have seen, there are lots of offers and both 3 stars and big trades will be sorted to the top of the list.
Nobody scrolls through 20 pages of trades to pick one, most people will go and pick the first one they see, so top of the list is the best place to be :)


Lol, I must be the exception. I do scroll through them all (on app) and is more inclined to take trades from players I know, and three star trades are very tempting. Todays list of gum tree offers was way longer than usual and the potential choices many. Luckily I needed a lot, so could try and vary quantities taken. :)