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Closed | Archived Donating KP to currently upgrading AWs


This may have to do with the new favorites thing for AWs alternatively with the new way to enter my FS AWs through the FS screen while being in my own city. I am playing on EN3 but I assume it will be the same everywhere.

The bug is: Through the FS member list I can access an AW of a Fellow that is currently upgrading (still marked as favourite) and donate KP into it while it is still upgrading. You can see the Temple of toads upgrading in one picture, while I am donating KP to the same AW in the other picture.
Temple_upgrading_KP donation.jpg


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just as a follow up: Do not try to use this bug for upgrading AWs faster, because once the AW finishes upgrading the KP counter is reset to 0, so any KP you donate while the AW is upgrading are lost.