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Do you update your roads?


I am halfway through dwarf chapter and have yet to bother upgrading most of my roads. I could update them to luxury, but that seems a waste as I am reasonably close to dwarven streets. Even then, I am not sure I will.

Central place
  • 70 culture per square
  • 318k gold
  • 44100 supplies
Luxury street
  • 10 culture per square* (previous one gave 20 per square, total increase of culture is what I count)
  • 6000 gold
  • 1500 supplies
  • 20 each of top tier goods.
So a central place costs me 15900 gold for one square, or 227 gold per culture point. Luxury street costs me 600 per point. Not even close. 31.5 supplies per culture v 150.

Sure, I need roads, but once they are down, why would I spend more and get less? I have plenty of culture and room, upgrading roads seems like something I would only do when I absolutly have to, rather than as a part of the game. I suspect I will skip dwarf and possibly fairy roads all together.

Has anyone else found this, or have people just sunk their resources into it, when they have "spare"?


Yes I update them. It's nice for you that you have so much excessive room and culture but I don't seem to have that at the moment. And even then it's a good idea to upgrade them anyway.
Since you need roads, you might as well upgrade them. Going from cobbled to dwarven gives you 29 culture extra for each road, so that's an extra 3000-4000 culture just for upgrading them. You can do it in the time it takes to unlock the fairies chapter. Okay it costs a bit of supplies and gold but doesn't seem like a bad investment.
You compare culture that needs empty spaces to roads that you need to place. It's not that you can place that central place instead of the roads. I wouldn't make roads that aren't used obviously, instead I'd build a culture building, but for the required roads I upgrade them for a nice boost in culture. They occupy the space, so might as well make them the most useful.

To compare, now your central place gives 70 culture/spot. Your roads give 20. You can make them 49 as well if you want.


Yes, I upgrade my roads to the best ones available. The more culture I get from roads the less cultural buildings I need and the more free space for other buildings. Since I must build roads anyway there's no reason not to upgrade them.


Yes I upgrade my roads as soon as possible as well, for the same reasons given above.


Yes, I update my roads, but not necessarily at every level. If you are already in the Dwarf chapter, I'd just update to the Dwarven streets. I had lots of extra copper and granite. I found these streets much more affordable than the Blossom streets that came with the Fairy chapter which I only built a few of them for a quest.


So generally people do. As a related question, do you find you are struggling to upgrade buildings due to lack of goods? If/when I get stuck and have not anything to upgrade, then I upgrade roads. Even given the space requirement that people seem to have an issue with, It is better to spend resources on a building, rather than culture?
Just like it is a waste to build culture buildings above the minimum required?

Perhaps not upgrading roads is not an issue with me as I ignore culture where possible, don't fight provinces and aggressively trade for resources, so have significantly more space and buildings than the "normal" way to play. I probably should have even more building than I do at the moment, as I have spare pop/culture/space, but it seems a little pointless.


I upgrade roads as I like the culture boost but I also only upgrades roads I know I will definitely keep. If I have temporary roads or am uncertain if I will keep some on a future redesign I leave them as basic paths as I get nothing for deleting paths. I think your approach to culture would influence this a lot, if you work to minimum culture or change the town design a lot I can see not upgrading them a reasonable approach. Also with guest race roads I typically do those after I have finished the tech tree for that section so I am not diverting the special resources (or supplies) to roads. Only if I had excess of these prior to doing the techs for that era would I do the roads sooner.

I have never struggled for a lack of goods for upgrades (or techs) except for the first day of a new factory like when I first got tier 3 goods. Or the guest race special resources. My goods are always increasing in quantity stockpile, if they stop increasing I adjust something to resolve this like upgrade the building or add another factory (almost never need a new factory once core group is established). I should note I focus on boosted goods only, keep my factories working as often as possible, usually 2 x 9hrs a day.