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Do you have space in your fellowship?


Hi there. I am a relative newbie as I only started on here a month ago, when the iPhone app was introduced, but I just made it to level 3 so thought I would check out fellowships.

I get on here using the app every day but I can only get access to a desktop at most once a day, and this limits my communications and my ability to take part in tournaments etc.

My boosted goods are steel, scrolls and elixir.

Thanks for reading this, Susie :)
Hi Susie,

We have free spaces in our fellowship Equinox.

We have cleaned a few inactive players and we have made new rules to make our members growing up with help of all of us (min 3 provinces/day in tournaments and 5 if it's one of our boosted goods, min 3-4 NH/week, help our new players with their trades, and we have a very usefull KP chain for AW, and we have a good strategy for fellowship adventure)

And your boosted good are very needed in our fellowship, it would be great if you join us

If you're interrested, please apply to our fellowship Equinox or send a message to our archmage Aissling ;-)

We hope to meet you soon ;-)