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Discworld Recruiting ...

We have a few spaces and are looking for active, Spire-ready players to help grow our Fellowship. We are an international, friendly and supportive group who play for fun, but also want to move up the ranking table from our current 110 slot!

Here are the guidelines we play by – please put in a join request (or message me in game) if you think this is you too!

1. Daily Play and Neighbourly Help: At least 4 Fellowship visits per week (but ideally daily), and provide Neighbourly Help to all our players. Please put your preferences in your city title (eg: MH/B/C) so we can help you grow your city.

2. Tournaments: Crucial part of the game and a great way to win valuable prizes – we’ve hit 10 chests recently! We ask all our players to take part each week and to score as much as you can (ideally at least 1000 points each).

3. Events and Spire: We ask all our players to take part in events and Fellowship Adventures (we finished 106 in the latest FA), and ideally the Spire too.

4. Trading: Fair trades only, 2 or 3 stars. Help fellow members where possible; super generous trades can be arranged for those who need help to grow.

5. If you’re going to be away for some reason, please message our AM or Mages to let us know and secure your place in the Fellowship (otherwise, after a grace period, regrettably we remove MIA players who don’t let us know).
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