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InnoGames TV [Discussion] July Episode


Good episode, glad to hear fellowships aren't that far away. The features seem good too, should help those players suffering from inactive neighbours (Lots of free trade and neighbourly help).

Just in case there is anyone that for any reason can't watch the video, or needs a recap.

Timon and Oliver gave us some news.
Fellowships are player communities where players with similar play styles or interests gather to make their everyday play experience easier and more fun.

Fellowships grant a variety of benefits. In the trader, you can see offers of your other fellows, and accept them without a fee. You can give neighbourly help to all your other fellows. And finally, we will add a circular mail functionality to our message system, so you can communicate fast and easy with your fellows. A chat will also be added soon.

There are three ways to become part of a fellowship. You can found your own fellowship, set the name, customise the banner and write a short description. Or you apply to an already existing fellowship, just visit a player with a fellowship, open the fellowship window and click on apply. You have to wait until the fellowship approves your application. The third way is the most comfortable one, fellowships can send invites to other players. Check for invites in your fellowship window and accept one.

We hope you are looking forward to this exciting new feature. It will be released in a few weeks.
In short:
  • "Fellowships" are on their way.* They will resemble clans/guilds from other games.
  • There will be no trader fee within your fellowship, and no need to discover your fellows first either.
  • You can give and receive neighbourly help within your fellowship.
  • A function to mail all fellowship will be implemented (Possibly not straight away.)
  • Woo, there will be a guild chat at some point. (But we're probably going to have to wait a little.)

The normal ways of joining are used.
  1. Create your own.
  2. Apply to an existing fellowship.
  3. Wait to be invited to an existing fellowship.
*There is no firm release date for this feature. It is expected to arrive (I assume on beta) in a few weeks. Depending on how everything goes (bugs/glitches/etc) it hopefully won't be too much longer after that before we see it here.

Note: My post is not an official announcement, details may be wrong. This is just what I've gleamed from the video and insight to Innogames operations.

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
Does anyone have any questions for Timon and Oliver? If so please post them in this thread by 9am UK time (10am CEST) tomorrow! :eek:


What is the reason for limiting the size of fellowships to 25 members specifically? I get a limit in general, but 25 is too small when accounting for less active players, those lower levels, and with the same boosts as you etc, and will mean only a few people you'll actually get to trade with.

Diggi Doggi

1) If they're planing 25 members limit then fellowship makes not much sense
2) Barti quoted their news, and I found one point about joining the fellowship:
"Or you apply to an already existing fellowship, just visit a player with a fellowship, open the fellowship window and click on apply"
Is that true? I understand (or misunderstand) that I have to visit a player from some fellowship to apply... but will it be possible to have a list of fellowships like list of guilds in FoE or clans in TW? So you could just browse trough the list to find something you fancy.
3) Will be there any easy-to-access list of my fellows like in FoE or... I have to maniacally click my fellowship, scroll down, click members name, click menu option 'visit' just to aid them? (just thinking of doing things that way makes me tired ;))


Number 2 I can answer for you Diggi. I created a beta account today to check out the fellowships and it's very simple to join one that you're interested in (providing you're deemed worthy of joining). It's simple stuff - go to the rankings and a tab named "fellowships" shows up. There's currently a list of 300+ fellowships, which include # of members and the combined score of all fellows. There are a few other alternatives but I've already given you an example.

I have a few questions of my own..
  • Are there any other features that are being considered/in the works to add to the fellowships? I understand they've only just been released, but I won't know without asking.
  • "Chat" is mentioned in the video. Can you elaborate on what players can expect from the chat (the system itself) and also when it might realistically be released?

Diggi Doggi

Thanks MetalLift for answer. I'll check the beta server for more info.

Another question just came to my head... why 'fellowship'? It's not only an ugly name, it's long, not intuitive, completely outside of fantasy world. Why not 'association' or 'brotherhood' which suit the lore better. I understand that with 25 members limit it's hard to call it a guild, but there are other ideas more suitable for a fantasy game.

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
Thanks for all your questions folks :) they have been forwarded to Timon for the live streaming on Friday July 10th. If you have additional questions you can participate in the streaming and can ask on live. To participate you need to follow InnoGames on periscope or twitch :)

EDIT: Don't worry if you miss the live streaming - the answers will be posted on the forum after the event ;)
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Another question just came to my head... why 'fellowship'?
Lord of the Rings, both the first film and the original book by J.R.R.Tolkien, was named "The Fellowship of the Ring".
Since his works and to some extend the films are considered signature benchmarks in the fantasy universe, the name makes some sense.
The entire story of MiddleEarth evolves largely around elves and men, too.
Although the size of an Elvenar Fellowship is larger than nine members :p


Is there anywhere we can see the video of Q&A? For those that missed the live stream?

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
Unfortunately there is nowhere the video can currently be seen, however a transcript of the interview will be posted on this forum soon :)


I can not wait for this new part of this game!!! I hope it makes the game even better!!!!