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City Disappearing paths


when moving things around in my village yesterday, using the app, I accidentally passed the dwarven path I was moving over the delete $ and it disappeared, even though I had not knowingly released the stylus!

Anyway it made me wonder if there should be the “do you really want to delete” message for all paths bar the basic one as they carry quite a lot of culture.

Thanks :)


i agree on the need for a "do you really want to delete" on paths ... especially since we get no goods/supplies back on them now =.=


Its especially annoying when you are trying to delete something behind a tall building - you have to guess which tile you are clicking on and can easily delete a costly advanced road by mistake.


I agree that this is very challenging, and disappointing when an error is made. I have specifically decided never to sell anything small in place. I make sure to move it to an open location first (that I keep for multiple purposes like city re-arranging, emergency builds for a quest, etc.). Only then will I sell. In addition, I rarely sell via the app, but try to wait till I can log into the PC version.

Just a few tips learned the hard way. I will say that I would definitely NOT enjoy a required check for every item to sell. I would not be opposed to a check for the first one in a series, but each one would be overkill, IMHO.


Agreed with cwgiii...
Move it first, in the open, then delete. It would be incredibly annoying to have to confirm each delete. We have enough of confirmations in places where one is not needed, like the one for posting a trade :rolleyes:
We already have unnecessary clicks all over the place. No need to add more.


Yep, I agree, but that way you sure as hell wont sell something by accident ;)


Yeah I agree about the app. It scares me. I've not done anything bad.... yet.... but I've had a few heart racing moments when I thought something deleted, but then it didn't. Does anyone else do that thing where you're all like - *stab, stab, stab, stab* "collect the coins from the house goddammit" and then the game's like "are you sure you wanted to delete that?".

So my own self-advice... and for others... never get impatient with the app or be in a hurry on it. It will be our undoing.


Lolol i have been extremely careful and I think I sold a (level 1) workshop during the last rounds of FA. Thankfully it was only holding a drunken dwarf so easily replaced. But yeah been there done that


I can see that getting a message each time you wanted to delete a path could be a pain, so maybe it would be simpler if the delete $ on the app only appeared if you selected it from the menu, so you could still click and move safely?