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Different colours


dear inno

could you please change the colours from constantly using turquoise blue/green and terracota orange for the residences and MH, try some more vibrant colours please.... eg the deep red of the Dwarves chapter was amazing, and while there was still turquoise it was a much more vibrant shade which was really pleasing




+1 same edocha/cyan range for as long as I remember and it is now in my opinion time for a change.
I am a player waiting on chapter 15 so do really hope the graphic designers find other colours in their pallet this time around. :)

Maybe some Palegoldenrod or Coral
Ref: https://encycolorpedia.com/html
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I totally agree! I am tired of this terracotta brown already. Why not some yellow, orange, red, purple ... something else than brown and blue/ green!

Also, why not having some real colours on the darn Builder hut??? Like isn't enough that is so small, must also have such dull colour too? Right now I put on all my cities, 3 classy laterns near the BH just to make it easier to be spotted :oops: