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Did you know that the Spectral Stone can replace any resources in the Spire of Eternity?


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This little Beauty
SpectralStone (1).png
is a fabulous helper when negotiating in the Spire of Eternity.

If you are in the third turn of the negotiations and are unsure which good to offer in one of the slots, you can use the Spectral Stone. Let's be honest; if you have a 50:50 chance to select the correct good, you will surely pick the wrong one!

Or if you are low on one good and need to pay with Diamonds, you can use it too because no goods will be deduced when you put this Spectral Stone into the slot. This might save you from starting the negotiations again after leaving Spire of Eternity to refill your resources. If you break up a negotiation and start it again, it always differs from what you had before.

But - of course, the is a BUT - you can use it only once per Spirit Negotiation! It would be too easy otherwise.

Where can you find your stash of Spectral Stone? This is a bit tricky. You can only see how many your own in the Spire of Eternity when you have a negotiation open. At the end of the lined-up goods, you can see the thumbnail of the Spectral Stone. It always says "1" because you can only use one per Spirit Negotiation. If you hover over it with your mouse cursor, it will tell you how many you have.

Where can you get those Spectral Stones? They are no longer as rare as at the beginning of their introduction. One Mystical Object in the Magic Academy contains 2 or 3 Spectral Stones with a certain percentage chance of receiving them. One Spectral Stone is usually among the Event Prizes. Last but not least, there is a Special Expiring Building, an old outpost of the Spire that got lost in the swamps long ago. It expires after 50 days when you can pick up one Spectral Stone.

As you can see, the Spectral Stones are very precious because they are hard to grasp. So use them wisely! If you are always fighting in the Spire of Eternity, remember that you might have some Spectral Stones for an emergency Spirit Negotiation.

Please remember that there can be differences in the handling of the Spectral Stones between the Browser and the App version of Elvenar.


Special Expiring Building
?? Pray tell please.
Unless I'm forgetting something obvious which is quite possible due to insufficient caffeine. Heads to coffee pot......