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Diamonds to progress


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything through searching.

Is it always necessary to have diamonds in order to progress through the technology tree?

So annoying, I try not to pay in games too much as it is costly! #addictivepersonality


It is not necessary to use diamonds to progress ... it just helps. No technologies require diamonds to unlock.

I do buy diamonds in other games from InnoGames, but have chosen to play Elvenar without them. I found that you are still able to keep up with new content releases and the only thing I've had to concede is hope on ever being high on the leader board.


If a technology is asking for Diamonds to unlock it, then you are missing some resource. It could be Coins, Supplies, Goods...

It's the same everywhere in the game: As soon as you lack a resource you get the option to pay with Diamonds. This gets especially annoying once you get to Fairies, as when you first build a Day Farm you can't prodice Ambrosia without spending Diamonds. The reason for that is that Ambrosia requires a resource produced at the Night Farm (which you research after Day Farm), but some players fail to notice that and get the impression that producing Ambrosia requires Diamonds (there have been threads about it).


Ah yes!

Thanks guys, I was being stupid and wasn't actually reading it! Just scared me thinking I had to use diamonds, so I didn't read around properly!