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Closed | Archived Diamonds not added to my total from Wishing Well

Discussion in 'Archive: Bug reporting' started by Velic, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Velic

    Velic Dreamer

    Mar 20, 2019
    Today, two of my 3 wishing wells showed +150 Diamonds, these have not appeared in my total. I have refreshed the screen and I have logged out & back in again. This is on a PC.
  2. Thagdal

    Thagdal Enchanter

    Apr 5, 2018
    Are you sure it wasnt 50 diamonds? as a wishing well only gives 25 max each.
  3. Dizzy Lizzie

    Dizzy Lizzie
    Ex-Team Member

    Feb 2, 2017
    It is possibly 150 Crystal which looks similar to Diamonds. The Wishing Well only gives 25 Diamonds, never any more.

    crystal or Diamonds.jpg
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  4. Velic

    Velic Dreamer

    Mar 20, 2019
    Thanks for the replies, they must have been Crystals. I have had some diamonds since.