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Answered Deletion of excess accounts


I've recently switched phones, and when trying to get the game up and running on my new phone, me and my butterfingers managed to inadvertently start a new account rather than log in to my old one. Now, every time I log in I need to select which of the two accounts I'd like to access. Seeing as the new account was created by mistake and will never be played, I'd like to delete it without deleting my original game. I'm fairly certain that there's a simple-ish way of doing this, but search as I may, I can't seem to find it.
Does anyone know how?


I guess you are referring to having one account (one username & password) with two cities on two different worlds. (Rephrased in my worlds, to verify that I understand.)

As far as I know there is no way for the user to delete a city and keep the rest of the account. You have an option to delete whole account with all cities, but I think that’s not what you want. :p

The best approach would be to contact support and kindly ask them to delete the new small city for you. If it can be done, it can be done by them, not you. Just be careful and make sure they understand what you want them to do.


Either which way, if you don't ever log into your new city it will be automatically deleted after a few weeks.
I can say from experience that this is not always true sadly... I have done what Medic has done and somehow the city is still there, since March 2018!

Mind you, I did it twice then lol. I play on EN Arendyll and US Felyndral but managed to accidentally click on Felyndral on EN and Arendyll on US, silly me...

I wrote to both support's; EN support was able to quickly fix it for me and delete the small city on EN Felyndral for me, US support actually told me they didn't know how EN support fixed it for me because they didn't know how to do it and advised me to just wait 30 days, even though it had already been months.

So I just gave up and am now still looking at two login buttons on US server :p Luckily, the app remembers the preference and pre-selects Felyndral world for me. And on EN I don't have the problem anymore, so I can at least not confuse both accounts anymore, as I'm no longer looking at Arendyl + Felyndral buttons on both accounts. EN shows only the Arendyl button now since EN support fixed it for me, so at least when I log in and see a Felyndral option, I know I'm on US server and I need to click that button, as the other account (on EN) doesn't have a Felyndral option anymore :)So in a weird way, EN support was helpful for both of my accounts, even though the problem was only sorted in one of them.

So; long story short... Even after not logging in for >30 months, the small city still exists and never gets automatically deleted. So I'm convinced that's actually a myth...
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I can say from experience that this is not always true sadly... I have done what Medic has done and somehow the city is still there, since March 2018!
That is strange. I did a similar thing too once I think... i.e. you accidentally click the wrong world's button. Even though I reloaded before I ever got to that city it was still apparently there because I then had two active game world buttons. Anyway, I never clicked it again and it can't have taken any more than a month before it just disappeared again.


But like C-Nymph says, it's a matter if a player took any actions there. I have a log in for my alt on Ceravyn, the game refused to let me leave the tutorial, even tho I wanted to be on Wyn. Months later I have a permanent log in for Ceravyn, even tho the original city has been removed for inactivity.