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Answered day and night farm


Most probable reason: your portal is at the 1st level and doesn’t have any capacity for the capped goods you produced. The portal needs to be upgraded.


If your portal can't yet accept those goods I didn't think it let you even start to produce those goods. Not sure though. If not, then it could just mean that your portal has reached maximum capacity. That would stop you collecting any more from the day/night farms... much the same as it works with residences and workshops when Main Hall capacity has been reached.


Please have a look at your portal and the capacity for the various items. I made the mistake of producing one of the night farm products without seeing that the portal capacity for that item was 0. Had to upgrade the portal to level 3 first, if I remember correctly.


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Elvenar Team
The Fairy Portal has to be at level 2 before it can store Ambrosia, and at level 3 before it can store Night Essence. The game will not warn you if you are trying to produce an item you cannot store, you will only get the option to discard the production at the end. ;)


Didn't give me option to discard. Had to leave it for days until I could upgrade portal and collect