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Custom Fellowship ranks

The hierarchy "Archmage-Mage-Ambassador-Fellow" serves its purpose, but you have to admit that it is a little inconsistent and arbitrary. (Ambassadors come from the realm of international diplomacy, the higher two ranks evoke memories of Skyrim's Mages Guild.)

If you are afraid that complete freedom of naming ranks can be abused (guild leaders posing as "God" or unpopular fellows being bullied with insulting titles), even though this is possible in several MMOs that I know, you can at least have a number of sets to be chosen from, to customize the FS and give it the flavor you are going for, e.g.:

Hierarchy: Mages Guild
Ranks: Archmage, Mage, Adept, Novice

Hierarchy: Realm
Ranks: Ruler, Prince, Knight, Peasant

Hierarchy: Nation
Ranks: President, Minister, Ambassador, Citizen

Hierarchy: Army
Ranks: General, Officer, Sergeant, Private

Hierarchy: Circus
Ranks: Director, Tamer, Magician, Clown

Or something like that.


Not my cup of tea. The special attributes and powers conferred by the current hierarchy is meaningful enough.
Interesting idea though.