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Culture & Building Deletions

Duru Beibella


I came up with a suggestion and was advised to post it here, so here goes!! Recently, one of our FS players was a bit absent minded when clicking on a culture building to see whether it needed deletion or not. It was only after they deleted it that they realised it wasn't the build they intended.

Would it be a good idea/feasible to have an "are you sure" option before deletion is complete ?

I'm not a developer so not sure if it's possible or easy to do, but the idea is out there now ;)


Technically it is already there. You click on the sell icon, then you click the building you wish to sell, then a box pops up with another button to click for "sell building". Whilst it doesn't use the words "are you sure", that extra step does exist.

It is a topic that comes up regularly, though, including very recently. People have asked for a recycle bin or various ways of recovering buildings. However, if a 'unique' building is accidentally deleted (i.e. not a residence, workshop, etc) then you are able to ask Support to reinstate it, which they may do at their discretion.

Duru Beibella

a recycle bin sounds like a really good idea ! Hope they develop something on those lines soon .... even though you say in your reply that the "are you sure" is already there, it's really easy to do an oopsie if you aren't concentrating properly so an oopsie button would definitely make things easier :)