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Considering a switch to new fellowship if a great match is out there ;)


I feel like I am about to write a personals ad searching for a relationship.... LOL

I really enjoy participating in the fellowship adventures (my favorite part of playing elvenar is working together with the group toward a common goal). I would like to find a fellowship that enjoys playing and socializing and has come to feel a 'familyness' for their teammates.

I am NOT a good fighting, but I do participate in tournaments and am trying to slowly do more and more as I build both troops and goods since I run out quickly by not doing the manual battles. (So a fellowship that is really into getting all 10 chests every week would not be good for me but one we were work together to get as far as we can is great). (If you have minimums, please let me know what they are and at what levels when you tell me about your fellowship. I do NOT want to get into a fellowship with expectations that I can't meet and let anyone down.)

I do not work super hard to grow my city as quickly as I can. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy the FA's more then the city itself (currently I have my city growth on hold to allow for a lot of space for the Thanksgiving and Christmas FA's). (Feel free to visit my city and see where I am at, I have left most buildings in place in preparation for next months adventure).

That all being said, I am about to start chapter 6 (Dwarves) and I have no knowledge or understanding of how these chapters work. This is one of my reasons for considering a switch in fellowships. I have a great fellowship now but they are not very 'chatty' and minimal discussion goes on. I would really like a fellowship where people interact more and help each other through the game (and just chat about life also).

Last important thing I can think of is visits. I have had some crazy 'real life' stuff over last month so I have not been consistent with visits every day, but have still gotten between 3-5 per week during this time. My goal is to visit every single day and should be back to that within the next couple of weeks (chaos should calm down soon.. LOL)!?!?!

Ok, I think that is my best bio for seeing if the 'perfect soul mate fellowship' is out there. Friendly, chatty, likes to work together and help out in FA's and tournaments, but not demanding and/or overbearing about things because we are mostly all here for fun I believe. I would love to be part of helping a fellowship get at least 6 or more chests a week and definitely participate and finish FA's (we don't have to be top 10, but I love to shoot as high as I can)... I know I shared a lot of information but I want to settle into a great fellowship and not 'hop' around, so the more I share the better you know if I would fit into your 'family'. I do currently have a fellowship that is really good and pretty high ranking, but there are some changes taking place in both my city and the fellowship and I would like to find one with a little more personal connections and better fit IF it's out there.

If you are out there my perfect fellowship, please reach out to me and I will gladly give you any more information you might want to see if we would make a good couple ;)


Come check out ICE & FIRE. We are in the process of building FS up. You can see our stats in Elvenstat. We are not a 10 chest fellowship but we play together nicely and there is no pressure. WE JUST ENJOY THE GAME


G'day Tricia,
We at SWINGS & ROUNDABOUTS are looking for players just like you to build our team up again. Come over and have a look and message me if you have any questions.
What are your boosted goods?


Hi @triciagalexander you sound like you would fit in very well in our relaxed and friendly fellowship.
We play the tournaments but at everyone's own pace and do as much as we can and also enjoy the adventures.
Look ingame for the "Elvinears" and see what you think.
Your very welcome to give us a try and move on if your not happy, but I'm sure you would be very happy,
Thank you,

ps, check out our ad here https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/elvinears-currently-have-2-spaces.8842/


We are Shire Folk and we are recruiting!

Ok so now I got that out of the way, we are a friendly bunch although we can't ever have enough chatty players. We have members from different time zones so there is often someone around. We have members who are on for hours at a time and some who pop on maybe twice a day. We are quite casual but are trying to recruit people who uplift the fellowship and will help out with tournaments and fellowship events when they can.

We only ask that members are respectful and only place trades of 2 stars or more to help out other members.

So if you're looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy playing the game with others who like to help when they can, feel free to join! :)



Hi Tricia, you sound like our perfect match! VOYAGERS are currently looking to recruit 3 new players into our fellowship, even though we are ranked 150's we came 4th in the last FA and 3rd in the previous one! We are a mixed range group from players new to the game, to a a few who have played for over 2 years. One thing we all have in common is that we love the camaraderie and team spirit when we get together in the FA's, we think that this is what gives us our extra buzz to do as well as we do!
We are like an extended family group, with constant chatter and messaging, a great friendly atmosphere and no dramas. We like our players to visit 4-5 times a week, and we are currently getting 5-6 chests in the Tournies. You're most welcome to give us a trial run if you wish.
You can check us out, speak to any of the team and feel free to ask any questions.
Regards Rosie B
Thank you for your reply Rosie B.

This DOES sound like just the environment details I am hoping to become a part of. Rank has never been an obsession for me (but if the team wanted to obtain a certain place, I would LOVE to help fight to get us there), but our placement number compared to other fellowships isn't a bigger in my eyes.

I LOVE the placement in the FA, not because it was such an amazing rank level but because it shows me that the fellowship members either really enjoy the aspect of working together in the FA's OR there is a very strict requirement (and since you said that the group is laid back and not tyrannical, then it must be the enjoyment) ;)

From what you have said, I would love to come on board and see if we would make a great match for each other!

Thanks for your reply and look forward to hearing back from you ;)