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Question Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings


I was wondering if anyone has a source that lists all of the evolving buildings with their complete benefits (by chapter and stage). I have a lot of these (and their artifacts) in inventory, and am thinking about placing one into my city. But, I want to make an informed choice that is best for my city and playing style. For some, I have a complete set of artifacts that would enable me to fully evolve the structure. For others, I do not.

I have found them in the 3rd party site Elvenarchitect, but I can only see population and culture there. I find it difficult to run an "apples-to apples" or "side-by-side" comparison on these specific structures.

This might be grist for the mill to consider as an additional layer of functionality for such 3rd party sites, unless it already exists somewhere.

Just a thought.


you can go to elvengems and look under events, then look under evolving building for each of the events you have artifacts in storage.....once there you can click the chapter your base is in and it will give you a breakdown of each level.....hope that makes sense......but as for a list, that you would have to create that yourself


Thanks kimkimkim. I think I will create that list.

It will help me decide if an older structure (at an earlier chapter) might be worth using RR spells to upgrade to current. Versus going with a totally different structure.

I just like having the options laid out, before making such a far reaching decision.


I ran into the same issues. Elvenarchtect isn't helpful for anything but culture and population.

Elvengems on the other hand has the full information, but it seems that they won't update it after the respective event has ended. Thus values for chapters introduced thereafter will not be available.

I'm not aware of any other source.


@ rock stream.... Yes, this would be a great template but looking specifically at the Evolving Buildings (Phoenix (s), Bears, Stonehinge, etc.)

Thanks for confirming RainbowElvira. Without current data for each structure, at each current chapter, at the specific evolution stages that can achieve, with the full compliment of benefits, my decision will be that much more difficult.


I would say the closest to what you want is still GoK, even with the aforementioned limitations.

I suppose you could limit the amount of research you need to do if you first decide what resources are of interest, if you for example need more seeds or already have too many seeds, you can skip some of the buildings...


I think it is kind of difficult if you have not upgraded your evolving buildings as you go along. It is also fairly impossible to do all, especially if you have been playing a long time, even with standing still between chapters. Choices, choices, choices. Keeping that in mind, best you can do is to compare what you have now, keeping in mind their next upgrade (info very nicely available on app) and what other unplaced evolving buildings you have. Upgrade info for those not so readily available.


Stonehenge delivers some insane mana in the last chapter. Now I would really like to get more pants artifacts to rebuild it o_O