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Combining/upgrading Ancient Knowledge Spells


I have a city which is slowly building up 1KP Ancient Knowledge spells. Currently at 275. I would love to be able to combine them and upgrade them into higher amounts.
5x 1KP Ancient Knowledge Spell = 1x 5KP Ancient Knowledge Spell, perhaps using Spell Fragments. That same city has over 135k of those...we need more use for those spell fragments! I do not fancy sitting there tapping 275x to spend them all. It's not too bad in the app, but it's unbearably slow laggy for me if I try to do that on the web browser.

Just a thought :) sorry if this has already been suggested, I had a brief search and couldn't find one.


I think it would be a good idea if they allowed players to group their KP instants into bigger denominations. I don't think it should really have to even cost any spell fragments as it wouldn't hurt Inno any or change the dynamic of the game. In fact, I suspect it may ease the strain on their servers a little if people are clicking less times to donate their KP.