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City Collection tab

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Every now and then someone asks for a storage option for buildings, either as a way to rearrange the city, or to store old event buildings that are no longer up to par. I understand the reasoning behind not creating such a feature. After all, it's a citybuilding game and the management of space is supposed to be a challenge for players to overcome.

That said, it often hurts to sell a cool looking event reward that you cannot get anymore. So I was thinking that maybe there could be a new tab added to equipment, which would "store" event buildings and other unique rewards that the player has sold. It would be impossible to place buildings from the collection tab, so it would be just a vanity feature for those who like to keep mementos.

Perhaps there could be a business opportunity for Inno here and there would be a cost associated with moving buildings to the collection tab, like 5 diamonds per square of the building "stored", or something.


There was mention last year on one of the live Q&A sessions of a possible "museum" building to showcase every building you had ever won.
Nostalgia is nice and I would be happy to have such a building or feature to look back at, however the suggestion of a cost is something I'm not too keen on. :)