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CoffeeBreak Recruiting

Sir Derf

You must have at least 10,000 points to join. Boosts are not important, just be an active player. We ask that you visit your fellow Fellows at least three times a week and solve at least a single province for a single level each Tourney (with allowances for life events, preferably with advance notice). Oh, and primarily fair trades offered.

No rules beyond that. Just sit back and enjoy the game.

Trade heavily if you wish. Pitching in with Tourney, Spire and Fellowship Adventures is always greatly appreciated. Join in on KP swaps. We'll just be glad you're here.

Oh, and newbies are top of the rotation for supplying snacks for the break room. Just nothing with Orcish Chestnuts, some of our Elven members are allergic.

Hope to see you soon.

Sir Derf

I was going to ask "How do you know when blue meat goes bad?", but then I remembered that I'm talking to an Orc...


I always thought elves were green But then hobbit lives rule them all :)
Well since I am an elvenar Orc, I have to deal with elvenar elves and those apparently look like smurfs as can be seen in your signature ;)