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Closed | Archived Clipped Text in HTML5

Sir Derf

v1.65.3 running HTML5 ( I don't know if this is important, but I am also at Elvenar zoomed out and Chrome 80% magnification)

The white-over-shadow text in the green banner or green button on large buttons is sometimes rendered a little off, with the white over-text cutting off a little bit earlier than the shadow under-text. I have seen this in several places.

The pop-up window to select/start goods manufacturing clips the right edge of almost every number (coins and supplies amount) 1-2 pixels early.

Status windows for Manufactories, Barracks, Magic Academy (and possibly others), the green button displaying time-to-finish and allowing you to use instants clips the letter abbreviation for time 1-2 pixels.

The Wholeseller clips most numbers slightly.

Dizzy Lizzie

Ex-Team Member
Thank you for submitting this bug report but as you are working at 80% magnification, it is not possible for me to pass this on for investigation.

Please read this quotation:

We develop the game with 100% zoom, and that's what we're able to support. In Flash we already had some issues with the horizontal and vertical lines showing up in the game when you zoom in or out, and in HTML5 the visuals can also break, but in a different way - as illustrated in the screenshots you shared. If you also have problems like this at 100% zoom, please do let us know, because we will want to resolve those, of course!
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