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User Interface City Guest Book


Another random suggestion from KW than has no relationship to gameplay outside of creating a more interactive community experience.

me thinks it would be really cool if each city had a guestbook that one can sign an leave a short message - city owner can moderate - make signings public/private (private by default)

how it would work in my mind:
each city has a public guestbook that when visiting that city you can sign and leave a short message - the guestbook is available to all visitors not just fellows (that don't really need to sign it but still available), discovered cities as well as no relation cities.

this way if I choose to visit any city on the world map for any reason what so ever I can choose to leave my mark as well a nice friendly message to say how much I enjoyed the visit and ask if they will sell me their Giant Snail etc.

As a city owner, each guestbook entry is by default private meaning only the city owner can see it and choose to make it "public" so anybody that visits the city can open the guestbook can read all the nice friendly messages and who has recently visited.

you could prob make it so only the last 100 messages are kept (to save space in the database) etc

anyhow - as above just another random thought for some more interactive community experience.